The article here on the Ideal site has details of an initiative to improve glass recycling in our area.

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El Ejido joins the recycling campaign launched by Ecovidrio 'Banderas Azules'

The initiative, at the Andalusian level, aims to recognize with an environmental award the coastal municipalities most committed to recycling

The municipality of El Ejido has joined the recycling initiative launched by the non-profit company responsible for managing the recycling of glass packaging waste in Spain such as Ecovidrio.

Thus, the entity has launched in collaboration with the City Council of El Ejido the summer campaign 'Green Flags Movement', in El Ejido. The initiative aims to recognize with the environmental award, Green Flag, the coastal municipalities of Andalusia most committed to the fight against climate change and coastal protection through the recycling of glass containers.

In this line, there are already more than 40 establishments in El Ejido that have confirmed that they will collaborate to get the green flag for their neighbors.

In this sense and as noted by the local government the incidence of tourism and the increase in consumption makes the summer months a key stage for the selective collection of glass containers, since a third of all waste recovered annually is recycled. In addition, bars, restaurants and beach bars are responsible for 52% of the glass packaging waste generated, so they are a key sector for a real transition to a circular economy model.

During the event, Ecovidrio announced that it will work side by side with the City Council to strengthen the summer operation and facilitate the collaboration of citizens and, especially, hoteliers. For this, up to 135 training and information visits will be made to establishments, 12 special recycling bins will be delivered, up to 4 new vinyl containers with summer motifs will be installed and collection frequencies will be increased.

Among the requirements to qualify for a Green Flag, each of the participating municipalities should increase the selective collection of glass containers during the summer months, as well as encourage the participation of hoteliers in this campaign.

El Ejido will be one of 41 municipalities in total in Andalusia that will involve their neighbors, hoteliers and public administrations to get one of the two green flags that are delivered in their region.

While all municipalities that improve their own brands will be recognized, only the most committed municipality will raise the Ecovidrio Green Flag.

In addition, as an incentive for participation, the premises most committed to the recycling of glass containers and reaching a higher score, will receive as a prize a master class with Quique Dacosta, chef recognized with three Michelin Stars.

In 2018, 525,010 kilos of glass container waste were recycled in El Ejido through the green container, an average of 6.2 kilos per inhabitant. For this, the town has 314 containers, one container for every 270 inhabitants.