The article here from 10 days ago on Diario de Almería is an interesting one. About a project to make Almería the world capital of medical marijuana.

I wonder if they will make a hash of it (I will get my coat.....).

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Megaproject to make Almería the world capital of medical marijuana

150-bed cancer hospital, with research and proton therapy center, plus a residence. Also in La Vega, a five-star hotel and unique architecture with 8 floors and 420 rooms. Five greenhouses, in Retamar and Níjar, with pharmaceutical production and oil extraction plants

In the middle of next September, the first seed of a megaproject will be planted that will make Almeria the world capital of medical marijuana in all its fields, from production to treatment and therapeutic research. The promoter, GSG & Associates, advances in its plans to grow hemp (Cannabis sativa) in five greenhouses, build a hospital and research center, a luxury hotel and an oil extraction plant, among other infrastructures, for which There is an investment calculated that can exceed 300 million euros and even reach 400.

The first piece of this ambitious project, whose common denominator is the medicinal properties of two of the components of marijuana, CBD or cannabidiol, which acts on the brain (anxiety, depression, epilepsy, phobias, addictions, Alzheimer's, etc.) ), and THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, with the ability to relieve pain (multiple sclerosis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, etc.), is Retamar's greenhouse.

With an area of ​​approximately ten hectares, located on the road to Cabo de Gata and close to the center of Michelín, the greenhouse is ready to begin planting in September with the aim of collecting in November. A first crop that is already bought by one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the sector, the Canadian Mandara Pharma. Those responsible for the promoter company estimate that 21 tons per harvest will come out of this greenhouse, with six annual plans being provided, thus giving the figure of 126.

Of the five greenhouses in the portfolio, Retamar is the only one within the municipal district of Buenos Aires, although the city receives the investments of two large infrastructures, key in the framework in which GSG & Associates has embarked.

It involves the construction of a leading hospital, with 150 beds (expandable), and specialized in oncology, stroke, Alzheimer's disease and rare diseases. "It is a scientific and hospital center that we are going to build in the Vega de Acá". The location is closed and will, according to the president of the company, Antonio Veiga, continue with a proton therapy center (proton therapy), and a research center for new treatments based on the use of CBD (oil extracted from the plant of the hemp), with genetic and pharmaceutical biology laboratories.

Behind this piece of the project is WHM (World Health Management), an expert consultant in negotiation processes between the pharmaceutical industry and public administrations, and in offering support in clinical and pre-clinical research in the development of new drugs, among other areas . This infrastructure is completed in the GSG & Associates project with a residence for relatives of the sick and medical staff of 1,400 beds.

It will be a unique building whose design has been entrusted to Antonio Moneo, who “has developed its architecture on different continents, from Argentina and the Dominican Republic, to Cameroon and Kuwait, in addition to its country of origin, Spain. His work ranges from the Intercontinental Hotel in Santo Domingo to the remodeling of prestigious buildings in Madrid, both hospitals and offices, ”summarizes the record of his study. In fact the entrusted work touches the sticks in which the architect is a specialist. Especially in hotels.

And it is that Moneo has devised the design hotel that GSG & Associates also intends to build in La Vega, near the hospital and research center. “It is a five-star hotel, with eight floors and 420 rooms” that, presumably (the floors are being negotiated), will have, as an added attraction, sea views.

But interrelated projects extend outside the boundaries of the municipality of Almería. Retamar's will not be the only production under medical hemp plastic on which GSG & Associates will operate. As Veiga has advanced, four other greenhouses are underway, distributed in distant cores, all within the municipality of Níjar.
In Saladar y Leche (hamlet belonging to Campohermoso, between the road of Las Negras and Rodalquilar), in El Panadero (at the junction of El Nazareno and Níjar, below Michelín), in the vicinity of El Pita and in Los Jimenillos that , with an area of ​​20 hectares, the sale of production, 273 tons per year, is already closed and will go to the United States. It will also have a hemp oil extraction plant, the crown jewel in the medical marijuana market. It occupies an area of ​​two hectares, leaving the rest reserved for greenhouse, divided into ten zones and automated. "This greenhouse is surrounded by a perimeter road for security travel and surveillance, and will be completely fenced," the president of the company details about the strict safety measures to be applied at all points of production.

The largest greenhouse of the five planned is Saladar and Milk, with a total area of ​​40 hectares. In this district of Campohermoso, and within the facilities that are in the project phase, the developer intends to create a pharmaceutical production center plant, with a 10,000 square meter warehouse, within the aforementioned 40 hectares. “We are going to do a scientific laboratory and pharmaceutical products and we will experiment here with them,” explains Veiga.

The Baker adds 10 hectares and the greenhouse next to El Pita, another five. There are a total of 85 hectares of medical marijuana cultivation in the province.