Until now I have made a point of trying to make this site a Brexit free zone.


However the person who contacted me about digital signatures has suggested that I publish links to the following Brexit related information:

Brexit driving permits (In particular about expats living in Spain "You can exchange a valid UK driving licence without taking a test within 9 months of the date that the UK leaves the EU. After this 9 month period you will need to take a test in order to exchange your licence.")

Brexit and healthcare

The information may be of use to both UK visitors and residents here.

One thing I spotted myself recently was that it looks like future UK state pension increases for expats living in the EU are not guaranteed.

I read an article about this recently. Coincidentally the article here on the healthcare site linked above suggests the same thing.

It tries to add a positive spin saying that the proposal is to increase the UK state pension for EU expats over the next 3 years. However what is implied is that pension aged expats in Europe may have their pension frozen after 3 years (like expats in some other countries around the world).

I guess that this is something UK Spanish residents who are thinking about topping up their number of UK pensionable years NI payments need to consider.


The site will probably now go back to being a Brexit free zone.