UPDATED 24/10/19: Spanish news article suggests Spain will keep current time zone and time changes twice a year.

Just a quick reminder that the clocks go back this coming weekend.

So from next week people will have to make sure they play their afternoon golf reasonably quickly. To get into the clubhouse before it is dark.

I am sure I read somewhere that there might be a proposal for European counties to not change the clocks in the future.

Also, I think Spain is perhaps thinking of moving their time zone back an hour at some point in the future.


Updated: A reader has highlighted the article here on the El País website from earlier today. A Google translation of the last sentence of the article is "In Spain, the commission of experts set up by the Executive has decided that it will maintain its current time zone and the seasonal time change."  I understand that this is even though the EU is recommending that the twice yearly clock changes should stop from 2021.