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The article contains photos and information about film locations used in the province of Almería. It is worth having a look at the article to see the photos.

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Cinema scenarios in Almeria to enter a movie

Desert, beaches, heritage and the streets themselves have become protagonists of a multitude of film productions

Almería has many scenarios and locations where the seventh art has left its mark. It has more than half a thousand shootings and it is, after Madrid and Barcelona, ​​the province of Spain that adds more films. We propose a game: these scenarios probably sound to you. Are you able to identify which films correspond to the locations?

1. Tabernas Desert

It is perhaps the most unique landscape linked to the cinema made in the province of Almeria. The Tabernas desert has been and continues to be a favorite setting for filming productions of all kinds. Many of its boulevards have been protagonists in films that have made history. La Rambla del Cautivo hosted great titles such as For a handful of dollars (1964), How I won the war (1967) and Mercenaries without glory (1969) with Michael Caine; Rambla Viciana's oasis hosted Lawrence Arabia (1962) and Exodus: Gods and Kings (2014); Rambla Otero hosted Wild Horses (1973), The Good, the Ugly and the Bad (1966), and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989). The desert is still chosen in different productions that do not hesitate to choose this natural environment as the protagonist of their scenes. Another of the ramblas that have been captured by the camera on many occasions is that of Lanújar.

2. Apricots (Níjar)

It is the western town par excellence. The names of its streets are dedicated to characters such as Sergio Leone, Ennio Morriconne and Clint Eastwood, among others. The hamlet of Los Apricots conserves the era where the final duel of the death took place had a price (1965). But in this town in the region of Níjar, scenes from other films were also filmed such as For a handful of dollars (1964), The Day of Wrath (1967), The Four Savages (1967), The Four Truhans (1968), Tepepa (1969), El Cóndor (1970), The Return of Coyote (1998) and Los Dalton vs. Lucky Luke (2003). The western genus and the Apricots are always linked and the village maintains its spirit anchored in the west.

3. La Alcazaba (Almería)

The Alcazaba is the main monument of the capital of Almeria and also one of the heritage elements that has had more film presence. The Game of Thrones series chose this monument as a shooting set and a decorated bench is preserved. He also did it in 2018, the fictional film Wonder Woman 1984. Patton (1970), Conan the Barbarian (1982) and Indiana Jones and the last crusade (1989) were some of the blockbusters who did not want to miss the opportunity to record some scenes In this fortress. Other tapes are: Resuscitated (2016); March or Die (1975) with Max Von Sydow; The Four Musketeers (1974); The wind and the lion (1977); Cleopatra (1963), Pride of race (1971), Marco Antonio and Cleopatra (1972); and others of another kind of gender such as You have lost my mind (1973), with Manolo Escobar.

4. Mónsul and Genoveses (Níjar)

If they are two paradisiacal beaches for a swim, they are also for capturing any scene on the big screen. The set of beaches that go from Genoveses until after Mónsul have not gone unnoticed by the locators of the seventh art. In the first, the cameras recorded The Boulevard of Rum (1971) and Simbad and the Eye of the Tiger (1977). For its part, the beauty of Mónsul has served to gain prominence in many scenes of films such as The Man Who Lost His Shadow (1991); Duffy, the only one (1968); Shalako (1968); Stres-es-tres-tres, with Geraldine Chaplin (1968); The wind and the lion (1977); The adventures of Baron Munchausen (1988); The endless story (1984); The things of wanting (1989); Talk to her (2002), by Pedro Almodóvar; and Indiana Jones and the last crusade (1989), with one of the most remembered scenes, when Sean Connery scares the seagulls to shoot down a Nazi plane. David Bisbal shot in Mónsul the video clip of the first single of his career, Ave María. On nearby beaches such as Cala Carbón, El Niño (2014), Imagining Argentina (2003) and Year Mariano (2000) also filmed.

5. Sierra Alhamilla and El Chorrillo Place

Sierra Alhamilla, in addition to having historical titles, is also taking center stage among the films that recently come to film in the province. Some of his usual titles are: The Falcon and the Prey (1966), The Four Savages (1967), Get Down, Damn! (1971) and What's up Valdez! (1971). For its part, the place El Chorrillo served for the movie Exodus: Gods and Kings to install different sets. In 2016, the Penny Dreadful series also came to this place with the aim of recording their scenes. On the other hand, Game of Thrones rolled in 2015 in this same space where it gathered hundreds of figurants to recreate each sequence of the series followed by millions of people around the world.

6. Carboneras and the Algarrobico beach

In the municipality of Carboneras, cinema has also had its dose of good films. Two historical films such as Lawrence of Arabia, directed by David Lean, with great performers such as Peter O'Toole, Omar Sharif, Anthony Quinn, Alec Guinness and Jack Hawkins, among others; and How I won the war, by Richard Lester, and with John Lennon as the protagonist. But other corners of the municipality also appeared on the big screen in titles such as The Bird of Happiness (1993) with Mercedes Sampietro, José Sacristán and Aitana Sánchez-Gijón; Sexy beast (2000); The man from Marrakech (1996); Run, knife, run! (1968); and Living is easy with closed eyes (2013), which is set at the time when John Lennon recorded in the province; Among other films.

7. The towns of the west (Tabernas)

The construction of lasting decorations has only been maintained over the years with the towns of the west. Currently, Oasys MiniHollywood Park, Fort Bravo and Western Leone are the ones that keep the memory of this genre of films, which are part of the identity of the cinema made in Almeria. The first was built by the filming of the movie Death had a price and the central area of ​​this town respects the original .. Scenes from other films such as The Good, the Ugly and the Bad were also filmed (1968). Currently, it has a zoological reserve that complements the visitor's journey. Fort Bravo has an American town and a Mexican town, and movies have been filmed in the golden age like ¡Váldez! (1971) and Relentless Hunt (1971) and high-budget current such as 800 bullets (2002), Blueberry (2004), The Dalton vs. Lucky Luke (2004), or the Queen of Swords series (2000), with actress Bo Derek . Western Leone was made for the movie Until His Time (1970), directed by Sergio Leone. The three villages still host filming of commercials, short films and films.

8. La Chanca-Pescadería (Almería)

La Chanca-Pescadería is a fishermen's neighborhood, which maintains its life-long neighborhood spirit. Colorful houses and deep-rooted streets attract painters, photographers and film directors to represent their works of art. Thus, titles such as Oeil pour Oeil (1957), a film never released in Spain; The reporter (1975), with Jack Nicholson and María Schneider; Lost Command (1966); Duffy, the only one (1967); and Marco Antonio and Cleopatra (1973). In 2016, the neighborhood hosted the filming of the Deep web movie and in 2018, the movie The Rhythm Section and the British series Bounty Hunters were recorded.

9. Rodalquilar Mines (Níjar)

The Rodalquilar Gold Mines are maintained despite administrative abandonment and lack of value. But the Denver Plant and its surroundings have served as a filming scene in titles such as Warriors of the Sun (1986), by Alan Johnson; The mystery of Wells (2003); Get down, damn! (1971), by Sergio Leone ... His tunnels served for the adventure movie Indiana Jones and the last crusade, by Steven Spielberg, and A reason to live and one to die (1972), by Tonino Valerii. Exodus: Dioses y Reyes, by Ridley Scott, a film that again brought the shootings to the province, also used this space for some of its scenes. The Amaral group recorded their video Summer Days for its surroundings.