Almeria Stadium 2020

The article here on the Diario de Almería site describes plans for a modernisation of the Almería football stadium. The aim is to have the stadium open again by September 2020. My guess is that some preparation work might be done during this season. However I guess that the bulk of the work will be done in summer 2020.

The original stadium can be seen in the bottom half of the photo above. At the moment there are temporary stands on the running track behind the goals. It looks like these will be removed. With the new roof covering what was the running track when the stadium was used for the Mediterranean games in 2005. The idea is to keep the sun off the people in the stands.

A lot of fans had hoped that the pitch would be lowered. However this work is not being proposed as it would take too long.

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The Mediterranean that the UDA wants for Primera

A video of about ten minutes includes the new project that leaders have in mind, with the desire to release it in the highest category

If the bureaucracy is not eternalized, the Almería Sports Union will have a new home for next season. Rather, you will have your home remodeled and remodeled with the latest technologies that the most modern football stadiums have. Since taking over the club, the first two ideas that Turki handled were the construction of the Sports City and the modernization of the Stadium of the Mediterranean Games.

This is where the new rojiblanco project will begin, in terms of infrastructure. Mohamed El Assy has been meeting with different political authorities of the city for weeks, to which he has exposed where the intentions of the new board of directors go. A yes started from all of them and now it is necessary that the paperwork be carried out as quickly as possible so that the deadlines can be met.

The club handles a video of approximately ten minutes, in which it is described with hairs and signs what will be the project of remodeling the Stadium of the Mediterranean Games. Although the enclosure is modern, for the life that usually has such an installation (in LaLiga there are still many that have not been remodeled since the 82nd World Cup), Turki has only the First Division in its head and reach the top category with a state of the art stadium

In this way, the project will resemble the Mediterranean with stadiums as spectacular as the Allianz Arena in Munich, the New San Mamés de Bilbao or the Wanda Metropolitano, where I play Atlético de Madrid. Juan Antonio Manzano, head of sports at Radio Estadio Almería, gave in his social networks and in his daily program a series of brushstrokes of how the new Indian site will be.

The design will change completely, it will be totally innovative. Perhaps the highlight of your new physiognomy will be that the roof will be completely closed, unlike the current state in which the hood leaves the running tracks, or what is the same, the extra stands that are now Both funds. Almeria wants the roof to cover just up to the perpendicular of the goal, so only the pitch would remain under the sun.

In this way, it will have a huge lateral surface, in which the idea is to install a led video screen. The club wants it to be located at the zero gate of the stadium, where right now there are the letters with the name of the Stadium of the Mediterranean Games, in the middle of the gallery. Athletic Club has one in the New San Mamés, while that of Bayern Munich, whose Allianz Arena was the genesis of this type of stadium, shines in the dark as if it were a flying saucer.

This is what it would look like before passing the lathes. Once inside, there will be two novelties according to Radio Estadio Almería. The first is that the seats will change color and will be red, more in line with the UDA than the current Mediterranean blue. The second is that the old funds are not going to be thrown down, but the current ones are going to be kept, either as supplementary stands, but also as works.

Although many fans have asked that the pitch be lowered to bring the stands closer, which would also imply an increase in capacity, the project does not contemplate it, since that would greatly delay the work and the intention is for the new Mediterranean to be ready by September at the latest. Turki, of course, shares with the staff, fans and the rest of the board that the premiere takes place in the First Division.

And next, the project that Alfonso García never executed: the Sports City.