The article here on the La Voz de Almería has details of the upcoming ban on the sale of single use plastic bags in Spain.

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The important change that will reach all stores on January 1

After a long process of more than two years, stores and customers will have to adapt

The next 2021 will bring with it an important novelty from the same moment in which the year lives its starting gun (and no, most likely it is not a vaccine against the coronavirus available on the same day January 1). Specifically, a novelty that will affect all businesses in Spain.

On January 1, a process that began in May 2018 will come to an end, the ultimate goal of which was to put an end to the plastic bags that we used to use daily (and of which there are still vestiges that have, yes, the days counted).

It all started on July 1, 2018, when the obligation to charge single-use plastic bags was launched, the price of which was expected to range between 5 and 15 euro cents. This was just an intermediate step to discourage their consumption, since the total ban on them will come into force in 2021. Specifically, on January 1.

In addition, there was another intermediate step in this process, and that is that from January 1, 2020, thick plastic bags must contain, at least, 50% recycled plastic.

Now, with the imminent arrival of the new year, in Spain the use of light plastic bags (between 15 and 50 microns) and very light (less than 15 microns) will be prohibited. The bags made with compostable material, whose treatment in the waste plants is carried out along with organic waste, are exempt from this prohibition.

As of January 1, plastic bags will die after a nationwide process that, however, has had a different rhythm in different autonomous communities.

Thus, for example, Catalonia was charging for plastic bags already in April 2017 and Navarra, for its part, preceded the State by banning single-use plastic bags in a movement that had to be ratified by the Constitutional Court ago. just a few months.

However, these measures and the final ban on January 1 are late. So much so that initially, the State intended to begin collecting plastic bags in January 2018, a measure that was finally delayed for half a year, thus postponing the entire process.