CORRECTED: To replace the red triangle by 2024

The Spanish article includes some links to where you can buy a suitable product on Amazon Spain. I guess that they may also be available in lots of car shops etc.

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This is the mandatory emergency light according to the DGT from this 2021 that you have to buy now

2020 was not only a tragic year due to the pandemic, but we have even worsened in the numbers of road accidents compared to 2019, and all this despite the fact that the number of trips has been greatly reduced throughout the season. These accidents are mainly caused by vehicle breakdowns that force us to have to move on the road when leaving the car. To put an end to this in a definitive way, the DGT has approved for this 2021 the use of the V16 emergency light to replace the triangles. The Decree Law, which has been proposed for the first quarter of this year, has just been signed. However, it is something that is considered already done, because they are all benefits.

This V16 emergency light allows us not to have to leave the vehicle to signal, because you only have to install the light on the roof of the car by opening the window. It is activated automatically as soon as it is magnetically attached to the ceiling. It is a yellow car light, which provides visibility for more than one kilometer. The battery it has should last a year and a half, and the autonomy is about two and a half hours in emergency mode. Its price is around 20 euros and it is a perfect and essential purchase to increase safety when driving by car.

Is it mandatory? From this 2021 it will be mandatory to have light or triangles. Previously they were complementary options. Now we can forget about the triangles. However, until 2024 the process of passing the triangles to light will take place. Even so, taking into account the price it has, and that it increases safety when traveling with the vehicle, and knowing that at some point we will have to acquire it, it is not a bad idea not to put it off too long.

When choosing, you have different options. One of the best known is the Help Flash, designed by two former civil guards, and one of the first to have approval.

But it is not the only one. Something cheaper and with very fast shipping is this Motorkit light. It is also approved and is exactly the same on a technical level.

Good options to be prepared for any emergency and adapt to the new regulations that will land in 2021.