This is the rolling coronavirus story for Sunday 18 April 2021

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Sunday summary without infection stats

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Relief Sunday in Almería: 26 fewer hospitalized, three of them from ICU

Today the Board does not provide data on infections or recovered, but it does on vaccinations: in Almería there are already almost 48,000 people with the two doses

The Ministry of Health of the Junta de Andalucía does not provide updated data on Sundays of new infections by COVID-19 and the number of recovered, but it does provide vaccinations and hospitalizations. And in both cases the data is positive, a balm for these weeks of slight increase in incidence that lead to a fourth wave.

In the case of hospital pressure, the data are more than positive. Despite not knowing if there have been new admissions or not, the Board reports that there are currently 129 people from Almeria who require hospitalization, of which 48 are in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Some data, which compared to those provided yesterday Saturday, lead to a promising conclusion: hospital pressure is reduced. And it is that yesterday there were 155 hospitalized of which 51 were in ICU. Data indicating that 26 people have already been discharged from hospital, and 3 have left the ICU.

Regarding vaccinations, the Ministry of Health and Families explains in the report that it sends to the media that 176,557 doses have already been administered and that at the moment there are already almost 48,000 people from Almeria who are totally immune having already received the two doses needed (47,904 specifically).

In global terms, 2,199,059 doses have already been administered in Andalusia (97.63% of those received) and 591,004 Andalusians have already been immunized (6.96% of the total population).