I was poking about on the La Voz de Almería site and I spotted the story here from 2019 that was updated yesterday.

An interesting article about an interesting documentary about an interesting person.

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'Meeting Jim', the man who lived the lives we dream of

Filmin premieres the documentary produced by Marta Benavides from Almeria

Shortly after finishing the screening of the documentary Meeting Jim on the opening day of the Almería International Film Festival, in November 2019, with the credits still parading on the Apolo screen, a spectator commented to the theater technician: “They had to screen this film in all educational centers, in all institutes ”. Later, during the conversation with the producer, Marta Benavides from Veracruz, she took her request further. "All cultural agents in Almería should see it," she said.

And so it is. The story - little great story - of Jim Haynes, which he has just added to his Filmin platform, is motivating (in a good way, not in the one hundred manuals), it transmits a contagious energy from which it is impossible to escape . You don't need to or want to try. Who is Jim Haynes? Someone who made an adventure of his existence, who lived the lives that many of us dream of, and more than once: until his death last January, at the age of 87, he had been a bookseller, editor, founder of a theater festival, from a newspaper, from an alternative art center and cultural agitator.

But if something made this American from Louisiana who became a citizen of the world famous, it was the dinners for strangers that he has organized every Sunday since 1971 at his Montparnasse atelier: meetings of up to a hundred people from all over the globe. So that they would talk, get to know each other, help each other, maybe fall in love. No more. Friendship (face to face) in the times of 'like'. Hence, they called him the patron of social networks. It was in one of those meetings that the film's team met, mostly female; a group that includes Marta Benavides, who was able to fulfill her dream of releasing in her land after walking the film through a dozen festivals around the world and even being broadcast by the demanding BBC.

Meeting Jim's story not only reaches the viewer because of who he is but also because of how he presents himself. The Turkish director's debut Ece Ger, with a surprising clairvoyance in a debutante, proposes a double journey: a physical one, which takes the protagonist from Paris to Edinburgh for a tribute, and another personal one, through chapters that narrate his milestones between interviews and reunions with his most loyal travel companions. She even poses a curious dialogue between the current Haynes (they recorded 110 hours of material) and the me of his past, rescued in archival footage.

There is something, also, of testament, of farewell: in a story that always seeks the light, the darkness appears, subtle, when the mental fullness of a guy whose philosophy does not fit the barriers runs into the obligatory toll of wear and tear. Body. Leaving the certainty that the world will be a little worse when he is gone.