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An earthquake registered in Almería, felt in municipalities of the metropolitan area

The tremor has been especially felt in the La Cañada neighborhood

The National Geographic Institute (IGN) has registered this Tuesday an earthquake of magnitude 2.3 on the Ritcher scale with an epicenter in the capital of Almería that has been felt with different levels of intensity in municipalities of the metropolitan area.

The earthquake took place at 04.38 hours at a depth of three kilometers to the northwest of the capital and has reached level three on the macroseismic intensity scale, according to data provided by the IGN.

In addition to the capital and, especially, in the La Cañada neighborhood, the earthquake has been felt at its maximum in the municipalities of Benehadux and Pechina. The tremor has also been noticed in Huércal de Almería, specifically, in the neighborhoods of La Gloria and El Carmen.