The article here on the La Voz de Almería site has details of the requirement for a bigger plot of land to build the "Sports City" in Almería.

The right to use a plot of land was granted to UD Almería in 2014. However the new owners have decided that the plot is too small for what they want to build.

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"By mutual agreement": This is how the Ciudad Deportiva contract will be terminated

The City Council initiates the procedure after the request of the UD Almería

The Almería City Council is going to initiate the procedure to "rescind by mutual agreement" the land concession contract that UD Almería has had at its disposal in Vega de Acá since 2014 to build its Sports City.

This is explained by the councilor for Urbanism, Ana Martínez Labella, after the entity presented a request to the City Council to resolve this concession considering that the space is too small for their project.

According to the mayor, “since the new property arrived, they have always stated that the project fell a bit short for their claims. What is involved now is to reach, by mutual agreement, the rescission and look for new land, whether municipal or of another type of ownership. With the City Council they will always be able to count on the idea of ​​making a sports project of the size they want ”.

And it is that in the letter that they presented a few days ago before the Urban Planning Management, the Almeria club explained that the return of this space has nothing to do with an abandonment of the idea of ​​creating the Sports City for the base sport and the promotion of the quarry but the intention of the new management is to build some "unbeatable facilities" and consider that to achieve this requires "an area significantly greater" than that of this plot that is around 39,000 square meters.

New flooring

For the new management of the club now what is called is "to begin the studies for the search for a new space in which to start up the much desired Sports City" that will be "the cornerstone" of the project that is being carried out by of the Almería Sports Union.

At the moment all that is known is that this new directive wants to create "a great grassroots football academy" but little else about the project in question. Of course, they have always talked about creating a space that would follow the model of clubs like Villarreal that have made their quarry a model and example to follow at a European level.