The article here on the la Voz de Almería site has details of some interesting wine on sale in Lidl.

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The 15 best and cheapest wines you can find in the supermarket

Sommelier expert Jon Andoni Rementeria has compiled the most comprehensive and affordable list

It is not necessary to spend a lot to have a good wine, as the expert sommelier Jon Andoni Rementaria has shown with the selection of wines that can be found exclusively in Lidl supermarkets at an affordable price.

Rementeria, Spanish Sommelier Champion 2018, Club Gourmets Best Sommelier Award 2019 and next representative of the 2021 European Championship, has chosen 15 wines from Lidl's bed that stand out mainly for their price-quality ratio. All of them have a price of less than ten euros, being the highest value of 8.99 euros and the lowest of 1.75 euros. All of them are undoubtedly affordable for any consumer.

The most complete wine ranking

Among the 15 wines chosen exclusively by the sommelier, the white wine Coto de Ibedo (Denomination of Origin Ribera del Duero), has been the first in the ranking, with a price of € 3.99. According to Sumiller, this wine is fruity, but with a touch of balanced acidity from the Treixadura grape. It is a great choice to accompany cheeses, salads, seafood and white fish. It is without a doubt the preference of the expert.

Fina La Cruz Reserva 2017 (DO Ribera del Duero) is considered the second best in the ranking, despite the fact that its price is the highest, € 8.99. Rementeria points out that this wine has a great structure and maturity. It is balanced and perfect for game meat and aged cheeses.

Another great choice is Volaverunt (DO Aylés), with a final price of € 5.99. It is characterized by good acidity, medium intensity and sweet taste. Rementeria assures that "this wine is a discovery".

In the following positions and with the same score, of 91, is Tramuz (DO Ribera del Duero), € 4.49, characteristic for its sweet and fruity flavor; Orisan (DO La Mancha), for € 2.49, protagonist for its fruity aroma; and Prior de Neo (DO Ribera del Duero), € 8.99, for its intensity and aroma. With a score of 90, Young Gamellón 2020 (DO Jumilla), for € 2.49; Adaras Aldea (DO Almansa), € 5.46.

In the last places, between 89 and 84, Rementeria ranks first to Irrepetible (DO Manchuela) with a price of € 3.99; Fincas del Lebrel 2020 (DO Rioja), € 3.49; Hachón Verdejo Viura 2020 (DO Rueda), this being one of the cheapest € 1.89; La Bien Pintá (DO Rueda), € 3.99; Vespral Reserva 2017 (DO Terra Alta), another of the cheapest, € 2.29; Mezquiriz Rosado 2020 (DO Navarra), the cheapest in the ranking, € 1.75; and finally Fino Donceles Cruz Conde (DO Montilla Moriles), for € 2.15.