The article here on the la Voz de Almería site has details of a recent visitor to the province.

Money Heist - Helsinki

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From ‘La casa de papel’ to Almería: the reason for the Helsinki trip

The Serbian actor, known worldwide for his role in the Netflix series, in the province

What has brought Darko Periç to Almería? The actor who gives life to Helsinki in the popular Netflix series is in the province spending a few days and has made it known through his social networks, where the charismatic bearded man has made his more than four million followers of a very special event that takes place this weekend.

Helsinki, through his Instagram account, has shared two images in which he can be seen enjoying the Mini Hollywood theme park during his attendance at the Almería Western Film Festival, which from this Friday until next Monday, October 11, will relive the best times of cinema in the province of Almeria.

And Periç did not want to miss it, as he has shared through his Instagram account, where he has more than 4,300,000 followers, who have known the adventures of the actor in the tavern municipality during this Friday in which Helsinki had time to take a walk and enjoy the attractions of Mini Hollywood and even make the traditional 'Wanted' sign, as reflected in a post in which the destination Almería has aroused 'I like you' from almost 30,000 users of the network Social.

Money Heist - Helsinki

As if that were not enough, the interpreter has also shared with his millions of followers a video in the 'Stories' of Instagram in which he can be seen buried in one of the tombs present in the theme park and in which Periç cites as a location the Tabernas Desert.

Money Heist - Helsinki

And the arrival of Helsinki to Almería takes place weeks after the expected premiere of the fifth part of La casa de papel, a series that has become an international phenomenon and will come to an end next December. In it, the 44-year-old Serbian actor gives life to the aforementioned Helsinki, who shares the first season with his 'cousin' Oslo and then generates a unique relationship that captivates viewers with Nairobi, played by actress Alba Flores in the popular fiction of the video-on-demand platform.