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I like having Mercadona as our local supermarket.

One interesting thing that I read somewhere is that there may be a new Lidl going to be built in the lakes area of Almerimar. I seem to remember the article said this would be considered once the new Lidl has been built in the east of the El Ejido area. I believe this Lidl, not far from the 511 exit off the motorway is now open.

Mercadona is the supermarket that best connects with consumers

It overtakes Lidl in the ‘emotional ranking’ according to the Barometer Retail Preference Spain 2021

Mercadona, the leading supermarket chain with 33 centers and 1,300 employees in the province of Almería, is also the one that best connects emotionally with consumers, according to the Retail Preference Barometer Spain 2021 report, for which more than 10,000 evaluations of retailers to Spanish customers through online survey.

The Roig family chain overtakes Lidl, which last year topped this ranking.

Mercadona's results in emotional connection are due to three main factors: to what extent consumers recommend it, the degree of trust in it, and attachment.

The results of this report ensure that store experience is the vital variable for all these food chains, since it is the one that has the greatest weight when defining the preference of the interviewees.

However, in the price variable, Lidl takes first place and manages to make this a differential element in its proposal.

The report ensures that retailers find it difficult to compete on the price aspect, since Spain is a market with a high level of competitiveness in "base prices" and low promotional levels. This is why beyond being the differentiating factor par excellence, it is an attribute that you have to have to compete but that will not be the determining factor when choosing. According to the report, when evaluating prices, consumers look at "low prices in general" and "low prices in Private Label." For this reason, consider that if a store applies personalized offers and discounts this can improve the perception of the value that the consumer receives.

Spanish consumers also value aspects such as the impact that these food chains have on the economy and society.

Thus, one of the most important factors in the Quality pillar is related to “having a positive impact on the community”, “a positive impact on the environment” and “a great variety of products from local producers”. The growth of online shopping has multiplied since the beginning of the pandemic with different connotations.