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The best wines of Almería

In our province, Almería, we can highlight the incredible Almeria wines that will make you lose your senses. It is not to throw flowers at us but since Roman and Muslim times the wines of Almería were already well known.

But why are Almeria wines so well known? The wines of our land stand out for the characteristics of their grapes raised in extreme climates.

We are going to teleport to the post-war era where the farm fields were abandoned due to migrations. Even so, from the little that was grown, a very rich grape was obtained, perfect for self-sufficiency and local production.

Since 2004, the wines of Almería have been awarded the “Vino de la Tierra” quality mention. In addition, thanks to the popularity of our wines, wine tourism is practiced in our province. The main areas of Almería where wine is produced are: Ribera del Andarax, Tabernas Desert, Laujar-Alpujarra, North Almería, Sierras de las Estancias and Los Filabres. In these areas we can find numerous grape growing fields and wineries in arid and wild landscapes.

Taste the best Almerian wines

Next we are going to present the best wines of our province.

Tetas de la Sacristina

This wine is one of the most famous in the Alpujarra area of ​​Almeria. The climate where the grapes for this wine are grown is very good and very typical of Fondón and Laujar de Andarax.

This red wine is one of the best wines to drink in Almeria restaurants.

It is a red wine with floral fruity aromas, aged in American and French oak barrels. Very tasty wine with medium persistence.

Pasión Perfer

This wine is a red that comes from the Tabernas Desert area of ​​Almería.

The aroma of this wine is very intense since the wine spends 18 months in American oak barrels. Very fresh wine with a lot of fruit load.

Alma Azul Espumoso

This wine from Almería is very characteristic because it captures the color of the sea in the contents of the bottle, an excellent blue wine. This wine is sparkling with an intensely fruity flavor. The best way to taste this wine is to serve it cold and feel its sparkling bubbles.

This bottle of wine is perfect to accompany with fresh pasta, mussels, Norway lobsters and any type of fish and shellfish.

Cepa Bosquet

This wine is a red wine that is made in the Bosquet family wineries which are located in Fondón. Fondón is a town located in the Alpujarra of Almeria. The color of this wine is cherry red with purple points of high intensity.

The smell of this wine is very characteristic, resembling a mixture of wood, spices and liquorice. The taste is absolutely a delight for our taste buds that will remember the passage of this wine for a long time.

We strongly recommend accompanying this wine with meals such as some good steaks, game meats or any wheat dish.

Rosado Cristina Calvache

This wine comes from the Andarax Valley and can boast of quite an achievement: gold medal at the 2019 CINVE International Wine Contest.

The grapes used to make this premium wine are Sierra Nevada grapes. Its color is intense cherry red with aromas of red fruits with a balsamic background.

The winery is located in Alboloduy and is a family tradition.

Pura Vida

This natural and young red wine will conquer you from the beginning with its fresh aroma that will remind us of red fruits. This particular wine is aged in a Fondón cellar and for those who are used to drinking Riberas and Riojas it may be a bit strange due to its little chemical elaboration.

Pura Vida will catch your attention because it is one of these that the more you drink them, the more they settle in your mouth.

Why is Almería wine so good?

To conclude this delicious and elegant article, we want to invite you to try these Almeria wines. As we have mentioned before, Almería is an impressive land to grow grapes apart from other fruits. The grapes from Almería are magical, they are incredible… they are among the sweetest in Andalusia.

Try the best wine paired with a good plate of food to enjoy an excellent lunch full of flavors from our land. Buy our wines! Support local products! Long live the wine!