The article here from the Diario de Almería has the details of the filming. Note: the article was published yesterday.

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Pedro Almodóvar begins this Monday at Rancho Leone the shooting of his short film

The film 'Strange Life' stars Ethan Hawke, Pedro Pascal and Manu Ríos

Pedro Almodóvar is already in Almería where tomorrow, Monday, he will begin filming his western short film titled Extraña forma de vida, which will star Ethan Hawke and Pedro Pascal. In this way, Almodóvar makes a dream come true that he had had for a long time, which is to record a western genre film, since the filmmaker from La Mancha has always felt admiration for Sergio Leone's cinema, shot in Almería.

Discreetly, Almodóvar has made some visits to the Tabernas area in recent weeks. He first did it looking for locations, and when he was clear that he was going to shoot at Rancho Leone, he has also been supervising all the preparations for this short. The production company El Deseo, which had already made it clear that it wanted both Almodóvar and the actors to be very focused on the recording, thus avoiding possible interviews and visits to the shooting set, confirmed that the shooting was scheduled for the last days of August.