I have been asked why, until now, we have not corrected the text in the poor Google translations of Spanish articles we publish.

Read More for more details on this subject and why we are considering changing this policy.

There were several reasons why we never used to change the text in Google translations of Spanish articles including:

- Some of the articles could be contentious (for example about the alleged corruption in the previous El Ejido council). If we were to correct the translation we could be accused of putting our own slant on the story.

- Correcting online translations is quite time consuming and in the past we were looking to publish large amounts of material about many different subjects and did not have the time to do the translations.

We are now in a different situation. We are looking to publish a lot less material on the new Almerimar Today site with a much great focus on local issues. So from now on in most cases we will attempt to correct the English in Google translations we publish.

However on some occasions it may not be appropriate for us to try to correct the translations. In these situations, where there is potentially contentious information in the article, we will continue to publish the Google translation unedited to avoid any potential legal issues.