One of our readers, Kenneth P, has been in touch with details of a website containing information about healthcare in Spain for UK citizens. You can see the information here.

I guess this will be a good starting point for comparing what is going to happen once Brexit negotiations have been completed.

I have just had reason to look at some files that were on one of my old PCs from some time ago. Being the nerd that I am I have kept copies of a lot of the data stored on PCs I have had since we came to Almerimar.

While looking I found some articles I wrote for a magazine called Mojacar Magazine in 2009. Around 4-5 years after we first arrived in Almerimar. The articles describe the seasons in Almerimar as I saw them in 2009.

Read More to read the articles from 2009 (2 combined into 1) plus a summary of changes that I think have happened between 2009 and now.


Nerd that I am I have tried to keep copies of all of the files from my old PCs ever since I came to Almerimar in 2004.

Earlier today I stumbled across copies of some old photos of Almerimar. From a magazine in 1992 and a second edition that I mocked up in 2010.

You can see the two photos side by side above.

Volkswagen concept car

The article here on the town hall site is all about a Volkswagen concept car that was being promoted in the Almerimar area.

Funnily enough I was walking along the prom a while ago and spotted the car on display there. At the time I wondered what it was.

Read More for a Google translation of the article.

According to the article here on the the town hall website today is a start of a week of activities to celebrate people of the third age (aged 60 and over).

Apparently there are around 10,000 people registered as living in the  El Ejido area who are aged 60 and over. This is around 12% of the population.

There are 11 centres in total in the area similar to the pensioners centre in Almerimar at the back of Porto Fino.

Read More for a Google translation of the article.

I have been a bit busy the last few days so have not had chance to post much here. So here is a round up of a few things I have spotted in town over the last few days....

- There are some changes being made on the road between Mercadona  and the roundabout that has exits to Darsena 1 and the golf club. Previously it was a dual carriageway with 2 lanes each way. The inside lane on either side is now being closed. With parking spaces being created on both sides of the road. I guess this will slow traffic down but will create some much needed additional parking in that area.

- The pretty big shop underneath Porto Fino just along from the tourist office and the nursery is close to opening. Having sneaked a peak through the window it looks like it is going to be another Chinese shop selling just about everything.

- It is quiet season on the golf course and the greens are recovering from hollow tining and top dressing. So the course is doing some very good deals between now and the early part of June.

The article here on the Olive Press site has details of a 0.8% increase in the price of resale properties in Andalucia in April 2017. However to put this in perspective there has been a drop of around 40% since 2007.

My gut feeling is that the property market here in Almerimar is getting a bit busier. I am starting to see more estate agent offices opening up in town. Some of them appear to be offering other services as well as being estate agents.

As my team is likely to be relegated from the Premier League this evening I thought I would have a quick look around at local teams here.

UD Almería are just outside the relegation places in the 2nd division on goal difference. They have 5 games to go until the end of the season. One game is against a team currently in third place in the league. Two more are against mid-table teams. The other two matches are against the current bottom two in the league. So Almería are fighting against relegation. The 3-0 loss at home last night will not have helped them much.

CD El Ejido 2012 are mid-table in the 2nd division group B table. They are only 3 points above a team that is in the relegation play-off place (there are 4 teams already relegated and a 5th one to take part in a play off). However with only 1 match remaining (away against a team that is already promoted and top of the league) the article here on the La Voz de Almería site says that they are safe from relegation.

Thanks to Alene T who has sent us the following information:

"Just to let you know that Jet2 will be offering flights from Belfast International Airport to Almeria Airport from May 2018!"

Also, this morning I received an email from Jet2 advertising the summer 2018 flights from Leeds/Bradford now being on sale. Almería is one of the destinations  mentioned in the email.

I guess people can start planning for San Juan 2018. The bonfires on the beach the night before San Juan are always on 23 June. That is a Friday this year and a Saturday in 2018.

Further to the article a couple of days about Jet2 flights into Almería. One of our readers Sue G has sent the following information:

"Just thought I'd let you know that Thomas Cook Airlines are starting a number of direct flights from regional UK airports  to Almeria, from this weekend until late September.   The Bristol flight is what's caught our eye, and it appears next year's  (2018) timetable is already available.  Good news for all I think."

Thanks Sue.

I just spotted on Facebook that Jet2 is going to fly from Birmingham and Stansted to Almería for summer 2018. You can see the information here on the Jet2 website. Thanks to Almerimar Local Information and Spectrum FM for posting this on Facebook.

It is good to see that we are getting some more flights into our local airport.

Almerimar golf course

Just a quick reminder that you can see old photos of Almerimar on the Memorias de Almerimar Facebook page that I manage.

You do not need to be on Facebook to see the page. However if you want to post your pictures to the page you do need to have a Facebook account. (Or get in touch with me and I can post them there for you.)

Please note that if you post photos to the page Facebook now shows them on a separate Visitors Posts page (not on the main Facebook page). They will not appear on the main Facebook page until I spot that they have been posted to the Visitors Posts page and then share them to the main page.

Thanks to Christina G for passing on this reminder. Christina reminded me about the subject but the details below are written by me. Hopefully they are correct.....

In Spain annual car tax is collected by the local government rather than on a national basis. So for people with cars in this area the tax has to be paid to the El Ejido council. A lot of car owners have a direct debit set up so that the payment is made automatically each year.

The annual payment this year is due to be paid by no later than 7 April 2017. Car owners who pay by direct debit should check that the money has been taken from their account for the payment for 2017. Those who pay manually should make arrangements for the payment to be made soon to meet the 7 April 2017 deadline.

I seem to remember a friend of mine changed banks and the new bank failed to set up the direct debit correctly. I think the person was charged a fine for not having paid the tax on time. As well as having to pay the car tax itself.


Just a quick reminder that the clocks go forward early in the morning this coming Sunday, 26 March 2017.

I guess this is good news for the local golfers as it gives us more daylight time later in the day to get on the golf course. The course is currently very busy so it is difficult to get tee times at the moment.

I learned something today....

I wanted to post a letter to somewhere in Spain. So this morning I called in at the shop on Darsena 1 that has a small post box outside it to buy the stamp for the letter. The person in the shop said that they do not stock stamps for delivery of letters within Spain. They only have stamps for overseas post.

I had to go to the tobacco shop on Darsena 3 to get the stamp I wanted.

It shows how often I have posted letters to people in Spain since we moved out here many years ago.

darsena 1 16 february 2017 Bike Path

On Thursday I was in the area of the road into Darsena 1. As you can see above a bike path is being installed at the moment.

Also, there are a couple of new businesses in the area. One has already opened and another is opening soon.

darsena 1 16 february 2017 Darwin

darsena 1 16 february 2017 Darwin

Darwin looks like it is a language school among other things.

darsena 1 16 february 2017 New Ice Cream Shop

It looks like there is a new ice cream shop going to open where I think one of the old Chinese buffet restaurants used to be.