Almerimar golf course

Just a quick reminder that you can see old photos of Almerimar on the Memorias de Almerimar Facebook page that I manage.

You do not need to be on Facebook to see the page. However if you want to post your pictures to the page you do need to have a Facebook account. (Or get in touch with me and I can post them there for you.)

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Thanks to Christina G for passing on this reminder. Christina reminded me about the subject but the details below are written by me. Hopefully they are correct.....

In Spain annual car tax is collected by the local government rather than on a national basis. So for people with cars in this area the tax has to be paid to the El Ejido council. A lot of car owners have a direct debit set up so that the payment is made automatically each year.

The annual payment this year is due to be paid by no later than 7 April 2017. Car owners who pay by direct debit should check that the money has been taken from their account for the payment for 2017. Those who pay manually should make arrangements for the payment to be made soon to meet the 7 April 2017 deadline.

I seem to remember a friend of mine changed banks and the new bank failed to set up the direct debit correctly. I think the person was charged a fine for not having paid the tax on time. As well as having to pay the car tax itself.


Just a quick reminder that the clocks go forward early in the morning this coming Sunday, 26 March 2017.

I guess this is good news for the local golfers as it gives us more daylight time later in the day to get on the golf course. The course is currently very busy so it is difficult to get tee times at the moment.

I learned something today....

I wanted to post a letter to somewhere in Spain. So this morning I called in at the shop on Darsena 1 that has a small post box outside it to buy the stamp for the letter. The person in the shop said that they do not stock stamps for delivery of letters within Spain. They only have stamps for overseas post.

I had to go to the tobacco shop on Darsena 3 to get the stamp I wanted.

It shows how often I have posted letters to people in Spain since we moved out here many years ago.

darsena 1 16 february 2017 Bike Path

On Thursday I was in the area of the road into Darsena 1. As you can see above a bike path is being installed at the moment.

Also, there are a couple of new businesses in the area. One has already opened and another is opening soon.

darsena 1 16 february 2017 Darwin

darsena 1 16 february 2017 Darwin

Darwin looks like it is a language school among other things.

darsena 1 16 february 2017 New Ice Cream Shop

It looks like there is a new ice cream shop going to open where I think one of the old Chinese buffet restaurants used to be.

I have been a bit busy so have just got around to checking a few sites for bits and pieces of news.

See the article here on the Euro Weekly News site.

From Manchester,  Leeds, Edinburgh, Newcastle and East Midlands airports.

The article here from 21 January 2017 on the Euro Weekly News site has more details.

The article here on the ThinkSpain site has details of the current flu epidemic in Spain.

It mentions that Andalucia is one of only a small number of regions to have escaped the epidemic.

If what I had starting before Xmas and lasting for a few weeks was not flu I am a bit worried that there may be another round of illness to come this winter.

It looks like the Ideal website has separated out Almerimar from El Ejido on their website. You can see the Ideal Almerimar page here.

The article here on the Olive Press site has a list of national and Andalucian bank holidays for 2017.

Do not forget that there are also some more local bank holidays as well so this is not quite a complete list.

It seems like there are some spots in Almerimar that are still not geared up for the delivery of fibre-optic internet. In the last week or so I have heard of a couple of stories of people requesting installation but being told on the day of the installation that it was not possible.

One problem seems to be that some apartment blocks have not yet had the pre-installation done (cabling from the street to the comms room in the apartment block). A second problem is that for some houses there are long cable runs needed (say 500m of cable to be installed) and the installers will not lay these cables unless they have orders from more than one customer.

One piece of information that I have now been given by a friend is that there is a summer deadline for fibre-optic internet to be available to everyone in Almerimar. I wonder whether this target will be hit. I guess we will have to wait and see.

Poinsettias - 30 Nov 2016

Snowy mountains - 30 November 2016

Earlier today I was walking past the roundabout at the entrance to the golf course and I noticed that they were planting poinsettia plants ready for Christmas.

Then just now Jacqui sent me a picture of the snow on the mountains.

Winter is with us now....

UPDATED: I have been advised that the information on Facebook is not correct.

Been a bit busy for a few days so not posted much here.

I just spotted on Facebook that there is apparently a speed check radar been set up to catch people doing more than 80 kmph close to the tunnel on the motorway going towards Almería (just past Aguadulce).

As yet I have not had a chance to check whether this is true or not. I will have to have a look next time I am driving in that direction.