Last Thursday Jacqui and I had an afternoon out at Grand Plaza. When we go there we prefer to go the motorway route rather than the back roads through the greenhouses.

When we were getting close to Grand Plaza we saw some good news. The final bit of dual carriageway is being worked on by a lot of people. The big concrete bit missing over the roundabout where the dual carriageway stops is now being put in place. It looks like the road above the bridge is soon to have tarmac on it.

At the other end of the road there is new junction being created at a roundabout just short of Grand Plaza. To link up with the dual carriageway.

So it looks like pretty soon there will be good roads all the way through from the motorway down to Grand Plaza.

I wonder which will happen first, we get fibre-optic internet in our apartment or the dual carriageway to Grand Plaza is completed. My worry is that if both do not get completed soon they may be delayed by the standard Spanish summer holiday period that is coming up soon.

Firstly, everyone I have spoken to has told me that Gabriel from the tourist office in Almerimar is doing a fantastic job. Everyone who has spoken about him to me has said he is very friendly and very helpful.

Recently he has been in touch saying that he uses an article on this site about the indoor market in El Ejido to promote this activity to English speaking visitors to the area. When they come in to the tourist office he says to look up this article on the site.

To make this easier for Gabriel in the future I have created a separate menu on the site for featured tourist information. So whenever he wants to tell people about something on the site I will add another link into this menu.

I have also created a a new category of stories on the site called Tourism Information. Plus a separate sub-menu item in the main menu to provide direct access to all tourism stories I publish in the future.

A friend on Facebook shared this text recently. Ben Goldacre wrote it and she shared it.

I feel it is the best words I have read about the upcoming referendum. For this reason I feel I want to also share this on my personal blog.

As all readers probably know already, this is my personal blog and I decide what information is published here.


I tried to ignore the EU referendum but idiots blaming foreigners, for problems we created, made me too cross.

Here are my reasons for voting Remain.

I hope you find them useful.

1. A smaller democracy will not be “more representative”.
The UK government is no more under your control than the EU. Diluting your vote one in 65m or one in 500m amounts to the same thing: no control. You couldn’t get political agreement from the people in one family, one pub, or one bus. You can’t “vote them out”, you’ve never done that, stop pretending you can do it in the future. Politics is about compromise: terrible, soul-destroying, mature compromise with other people, most of whom are awful. Your local council don’t represent your views and values any better than your MEP.

2. Immigration is just going to happen.
In or out of the EU, there will be lots, and lots of immigration: bad luck if you don’t like that. We’re perfectly able to control non-EU immigration, right now, and yet no government ever does. They never will. This is not the fault of the EU, it’s more complicated than that. Deal with it. Immigration will never stop.

3. “Straining” schools, waiting lists, and hospitals are your fault.
This is not the fault of the EU. It’s your fault. It’s happened slowly. The UK has failed to build houses, failed to train hospital staff, failed to invest in the NHS, failed to build schools. Your country. Your UK. Your government. Your fault. Nobody else. The NHS is staffed by immigrants, they keep it running, they will save your life and build your house. Don’t try to blame them for things that are your fault.

4. The EU is a good shot at preserving peace.
Remember that news story about the British generals who think we should leave the EU because NATO preserves peace, not the EU? These are bad generals who only know about guns. Russia right now is an odd, aggressive country. But they didn’t show up at the Ukrainian border with tanks, out of the blue: they manufactured a social and economic pretext before they rolled in. A strong EU makes this kind of pretext harder to contrive. You want to be good close friends with all your neighbours, and their neighbours, as far as the eye can see. That’s how you hold a line that preserves peace: by sharing friendship, sharing trade, and sharing grumbles about crap admin in Brussels. You do not preserve peace by buying and using weapons.

5. Brexit use language that’s targeted at losers.
The Brexit campaign talk about “taking control”, about “building an optimistic future” for yourself. These are things you say to losers: to people who feel they have no control, or a gloomy future. It’s the language of crap self-help books in airport bookshops. You are better than that.

6. Countries come and go.
Right now, people talk about Eastern Europeans like they’re biologically destined to be parasites, because their countries are poorer, and some of their citizens travel for work. That could change, really fast. Polish people are not a biologically inferior race: they lived under communism for four decades, and now they’re catching up. Poland has the fastest growing economy in Europe (faster than Central Europe, faster than the EU-15). Warsaw is full of skyscrapers. Be nice. Make friends now. Cement those ties to a large, fast growing European economy with a rich cultural history.

7. Brexit will hurt the economy.
This means your children and neighbours. Stop pretending you don’t care. Just vote remain. It’s boring, there’s nothing awesome about it, but sometimes you have to take a break from useful productive work to stop idiots breaking things.

Ben Goldacre"

We were woken up by a rocket going off at 8:30am this morning.

There were a load of rockets and fireworks went off last night close to the hotel. I am guessing that was from a wedding.

Not sure what the rocket this morning was for.

Yesterday El Ejido won 1-0 at home against CD Laredo. I think that the second leg will take place away from home next Saturday.

I am not sure but I think that this is the final match of the play-offs. So if El Ejido do well next Saturday they will win promotion.

The article here on the Ideal site has more details.

Read More for a Google translation of the article.

One of our readers, Jaqui S, has pointed out that Jet2 are starting flights into Almería airport in 2017.

It appears that they will be flying from East Midlands, Edinburgh, Leeds Bradford, Manchester and Newcastle.

You can see more details here.

Just got the key back to the comms room from the man from Movistar who is in the process of installing fibre-optic internet in our apartment block.

I asked him had he finished the installation yet. He said no. I asked him when he might be coming back to finish the work and he said he did not know.

He has my phone number so I guess at some point he will give me a ring to get the key and finish the job.

Still no sign of the other installation company. So we are also still waiting for the installation for Jazztel, Orange etc.

La Almunya del Sur - Botanical gardens
Gabriel from the tourist office in Almerimar has been in touch to organise a visit to the La Almunya del Sur botanical gardens. Thanks Gabriel.

You can see more details about the gardens here.

After our initial visit I may look to organise some form of group visit at some point in the future.

Some Movistar workers have started feeding fibre-optic cables to our apartment block. They have got the key to get into our comms room and have said they will return it when the work is complete. It is not certain but I am hoping they will have completed the work in the next couple of days.

Cherry time - 8 June 2016

Jacqui is back from the Wednesday market in El Ejido saying how good the cherries are at the moment. Apparently they cost 3 euros for a kilo earlier today.

Thanks to Sylvia for prompting me to write this...

Earlier today I was popping down to see Pauline to get my hair cut and I spotted Movistar vans working their way along Calle Alcor feeding cable underground. So I guess that they are installing fibre optic cable close to us now.

I walked home over the golf course after having my hair cut and again spotted them working on Calle Alcor on my way home.

Sylvia says they are now working on Calle Foque.

I have been busy working on other things this morning so have only just got around to publishing this news.

Fibre optic internet is getting closer in Almerimar. Yippppppeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr President will be happy. Almería managed to get a draw away from home last Saturday. This and other results ensured that they just avoided relegation from the Spanish 2nd division (after relegation from La Liga the season before).

Also, the El Ejido team reached the promotion play-offs in their division. It seems that these play-offs involve multiple rounds. They got through their first round play-off matches OK and qualified for the second round. In the first leg of their 2nd round they drew 1-1 at home to Lorca yesterday. The second leg is at Lorca next Sunday.

I was up in El Ejido earlier in the week getting a cockroach removed from the water overflow pipe from the aircon in our car. There was a strange sound from near the glove compartment whenever we turned the car to the left. The sound only occurred when the aircon was switched on.

While there I called in to various places - El Corte Inglés to buy a cheese cutter. Then Baena to get keys for the swimming pool gates cut for our community. Then Fincal to hand the keys over to the administrators.

I also called in to the Orange shop to ask whether they had any news about when fibre-optic internet access will go on sale in Almerimar. We were originally told sometime in May or June. In typical Spanish style the answer is now "we have no idea".


Convivencia Almerimar - 5 June 2016

I received this photo from Christina G earlier today. Funnily enough I had spotted the poster on Facebook last night and had already made myself a note to publish it here.

Bring your own table and chairs to the rugby pitch this coming Sunday (5 June 2016) starting at 12:00 noon and enjoy a "Day of Coexistence". With free fried food provided (using products from the area).

The is being organised by the Junta Local for Almerimar and some local associations for Almerimar.

This sounds like an interesting way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

I have been told that the thieves are out and about in Mercadona again. Beware of anyone trying to distract you then having an accomplice try to steal your handbag etc.

Properties prices and sales Q1 2016

I found the article here on the Fuster & Associates site via an article that I spotted on Think Spain.

Here is a quote from the article "Prices were up by 6.9% for the quarter and sales had increased by 9.8% with both statistics illustrating just how strongly the sector is bouncing back from the crisis."

When I was driving past the roundabout by the golf hotel this morning I spotted a Movistar tent and 2 Movistar vans in the centre of the roundabout. Then when I drove up the road out of Almerimar I saw another set of Movistar people working by the side of the road before you get to the new chemists by the Velas Blancas roundabout.

It looked to me that they had test equipment out and they were testing fibre optic internet cables.

I guess that the day we might join the 21st century is getting a little closer.

Just received the following from a reader....

"I have two Z beds for sale, only ever used once for one night. I want 50 Euros for the two or 30 Euros for one. Can deliver within Almerimar."

If you are interested please get in touch and we will give you a contact telephone number for the seller.