I was close to the Cajamar bank the other day and spotted that there was some work being done on what used to be the paper shop next door. There was a skip outside so looks as if something is happening there.

Also, I have been told that the first installations of fibre-optic internet infrastructure are happening in town. Christina G told me they have started work in the apartment blocks close to where the private doctors place is (over the road from Darsena 3). Hopefully it will be our turn soon.

I happened to be in Darsena 1 yesterday morning and spotted that a couple of businesses have expanded a bit. El Tunel appears to now be using the area in front of the bar next door but one (with the launderette in between). Also, just before the English school and Mario's the same thing has happened. The bar/restaurant there has expanded by taking over next door. On recommendation from friends we had a very nice coffee and tostada there yesterday. These changes might have happened some time ago and maybe I am just noticing them now.

Not sure whether it is just the start of people gearing up for this summer. However Almerimar has the feel that it is coming out of a long state of hibernation. Maybe some more prosperous times are coming. Fingers crossed.

27 flights a week will connect Almeria with 18 countries during 2016. According to the article here on the Euro Weekly site.

Including the Netherlands, Dublin, Brussels, Czech Republic and the Nordic countries.

Snow on local mountains - 29 February 2106

Snow on mountains - 29 February 2016

Shop near Mercadona - 29 February 2016

I had a stroll across the golf course earlier today and took some photos of the snow on the mountains. Even on the local hills which is very unusual.

I also took a couple of pictures of the shop being set up over the road from Mercadona.

You can see a few more photos in the Gallery.

Just had a call from one of our readers saying that she has recently had a hoax call from people pretending to be from Microsoft. I think that most people know this scam happens all of the time. However  it is worth mentioning that there are hoax calls coming to at least one person in Almerimar at the moment. So watch out.

I think I have shared on Almerimar Today in the past. However I spotted that Christina G has linked to it on Facebook recently.


There is a new site called Spotfav that has a webcam showing the area close to the entrance to the port in Almerimar. By default it shows a 15 minute static image. However if you click on the image it shows the webcam in real time.

I have included a link to the webcam above. I have also added a link to it in the main menu on the site.

Earring Aid  Earring Aid 


We have just received these photos from one of our readers, Ray B.

While playing golf last Friday (12 February 2016) he found this earring on the 8th tee on the Master Course.

If you have lost this earring please get in touch and we will tell Ray. FYI - he plans to hand it in at the pro-shop next time he is going down there.

The Clasica de Almería cycle race didn't make it to Almerimar on Sunday due to the high winds.

However there was still a 25 minute TV show about the race. If you have a look here you will see a little bit of stock video of Almerimar close to the end.

I guess we will have to see whether the race comes here next year.

One of our readers, Chalky, has been in touch with the following information....

"From May 28, the UK flag carrier will launch flights to Malaga, Palma and Ibiza in Spain and Faro in Portugal.

They will be operated by wholly-owned British Airways subsidiary BA CityFlyer on modern 98-seat Embraer 190 jets, which are usually based at London City Airport.

Stansted managing director Andrew Harrison said: "I am delighted to welcome British Airways to Stansted and very much look forward to the launch of its first ever scheduled flights from the airport in May.

"Since we acquired Stansted, our focus has been on attracting a wider choice of airlines and these new services to Faro, Malaga, Palma and Ibiza are strong additions to our route network, which now covers over 170 destinations across Europe and North America.

"I'm sure these routes will be very popular with passengers from across London, Cambridge and the growing East of England region who are looking to head off on their holidays. We look forward to working closely with British Airways to build a strong working relationship and ensure these new flights are a huge success."

All British Airways flights include a choice of two cabins, Club Europe and Euro Traveller, free seat selection and online check-in 24 hours before departure, complimentary refreshments and drinks on board and no debit card charges.

Fares start from £49 each way based on a return fare with hand baggage only, inclusive of all taxes, fees and charges.

Luke Hayhoe, BA's general manager commercial and customer at BA CityFlyer, said: "This is a fantastic opportunity for us to expand our London network and to give our customers even more choice of where to fly from this summer.

"Stansted is a growing airport and we will be offering a full scheduled service to some of the most popular European holiday destinations, complementing our existing services from other London airports."

British Airways operates from the three other major London airports, Heathrow, Gatwick and London City."

I wonder if it was just our apartment. First thing this morning the electricity was going up and down like a whore's drawers. It seems to have settled down now.

Jacqui and I slept through the recent relatively big earthquake that occurred the other day. However others in town said they noticed it and some of the aftershocks.

What is interesting is if you look at the chart of recent earthquakes there have been a very large number recorded in the south Alborán sea (between Spain and Africa). Starting from around Thursday 21 January 2016.

Thanks to one of our readers, Chalky, for providing this information about getting a fishing licence.....

"The process is straightforward once you find the building in Almeria.

Turning off the A7 at junction 438 you come to a roundabout on the seafront, proceed forward and over the next one, about a mile on you will come to traffic lights with a water feature and taxi rank on your left, there is a left filter lane, proceed from there towards the town centre you will find a small car park on the left. On foot make your way back to the front and turn left, after about half a mile you will come to a much larger water feature, cross at the traffic lights and head at about 11 O'clock, walking over yet another water feature, there is an small indoor shopping arcade which you will easily find, standing at one of the 3 entrances the looking at about 2 O'clock you will see a large white building with 2 sided steps to the only entrance.

The Agricultural and Fisheries department is on the 3rd floor, you will need you NIE number and your passport, there is no charge if you are over 65 and the licence never expires, if you are under 65 there is a charge for a 3 year licence, it cost me a little over €5 4 years ago.

The car park charge was just over a euro for an hour. 

That's how I did it, the explanation is a bit long winded as It's all from memory.    

Sadly having a licence doesn't make the fishing any more successful.        

Tight Lines"

Marisquería Franc
IKARI, Almerimar
La Tavernetta, Almerimar
Osteria Da Ralph, Almerimar
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