Chilli sausage salad

While playing golf yesterday I was chatting to Lynda who has lost quite a bit of weight recently. We got around to discussing recipes and mentioned the recent Hairy Bikers tv show.

We discussed a Chilli Salad Bowl recipe from a recent programme. You can see the recipe here.

So last night I tried to recreate something similar with what we had in the house. We had some wraps but smaller ones so we had two per person. We also had some chilli sausages from Lidl.

Here is the attempt above after we had applied some guacamole and hummus but before we added some greek yoghurt (all shop bought from Mercadona unlike Marion who makes guacamole herself - she is doing well at losing weight as well by the way).

Even Mr President is doing better. He might even make his 13 stone target by the beginning of next month.

Things are a little quieter now. Not as many events taking place as we approach the end of the summer season.

I know some people are going down to Gula tonight to watch the live music. Jacqui and I are having a night in processing the cards from the Friday golf today.

Wind is getting up so it is pretty brezzy outside. At least it should cool the temperature a little.

Old Almerimar

We have now added a random image that displays above the stories on each of the pages that are displayed on the site.

We plan to add extra images ourselves over time. However we are offering our readers the opportunity to have their photos displayed in this slot. If you have a photo that has an association with Almerimar or the surrounding area feel free to send it to us.

If you would like a photo of yours displayed please email it to us. We will crop it to the required size (600 x 80 pixels) and add it to the collection of random images. If you wish we will even add your name on the image when we edit it to give you credit for having submitted the image.

For some time now the builders have removed some of the palm trees that were put up between the end of the refurbished golf hotel and the 18th green. After that there were people putting in a lot of reinforcement in the ground between the end of the car park and the path behind the 18th green that goes to the 1st tee.

It wasn´t until I was playing on Tuesday that I worked out what was going on. There has been a path laid from the end of the car park down to the path behind the 18th green. There has been a hole dug out close to the hotel and then a path has been laid to a new door that has been fitted to the end of the basement of the hotel, below ground level.

So it looks like this is possibly a delivery entrance to the basement and/or a fire escape from the basement.

We have had a couple of power glitches today. Both of them hit me mid-edit. So I am now in the mode of saving any work I am doing on the computer very often just in case.

PS - don´t forget to back stuff up. We have a friend who didn´t back up the photos she had on her camera and she may have lost the lot.

No golf for us today and not a bit of wind to be felt. Very different from yesterday. Looks like it is going to be a hot one today.

Jacqui had 31 points and I had a very poor 26 points in the leukemia charity golf competition at Almerimar today. Jacqui was two points off the winning ladies score and I marked the card of one of the mens winners who didn´t quite get first place.

Francisco Cruz Jabalera won the mens with 38 points. Alejandra Rodriguiz Ruiperez (Marilena and Alfonso´s daughter) won the ladies with 33 points.

Antonio Maleno same in the prizes with a score of 36 points. We started on the 14th and he was 4 points worse than his handicap by the 18th. He then went round the front 9 holes in scratch and the final 4 holes on the back 9 in 1 over his handicap. So well done to him.

We may not have played that well but at least Jacqui was lucky in the sorteo. She won a night for two people including a round of golf at Balneario de Mondariz in Galicia. It looks rather nice on the internet.

Stone Curlew


Mystery bird

Thanks to John Wi who has been in touch saying that the bird I mentioned in the article here might be a Stone Curlew. As you might guess, John´s photo is the one at the top.

It seems to me that the junta local in Almerimar and the town hall in El Ejido are doing a lot to try to organise more events in Almerimar. I feel that this is a great thing for the town.

However one thing we seem to be struggling with is promoting the events well in advance. People do not know until the last minute what is happening and I feel this is reducing the number of people taking part in events.

I feel that the El Ejido council needs to consider producing an official website for the junta local of Almerimar to advertise local events and publish official local information.

I have emailed this suggestion to the department of tourism in the El Ejido town hall. I guess we will have to wait and see what their response is.


Back from Friday golf and now helping Jacqui prepare for La Noche en Vela in the golf shop.

No time to publish the FGS results and do all of the other regular post Friday golf chores. They will all have to wait until tomorrow.

Also no time to write much on the site today. Perhaps we will find some time tomorrow.

Bodega Dominio Buenavista 

We are leaking a bit of FGS news. We can now confirm that the first FGS trip to a bodega this year will take place on 29 September 2012 and the society will be visiting Bodega Dominio Buenavista in Ugijar.

Mr Preident and Ms Treasurer are sorting out the details of the day at the moment. It is hoped that full details will be published soon on the FGS site.

Jacqui and I have already visited the bodega earlier this year and we can recommend it as a very good place to visit.

It has been a pretty busy Tuesday. Some good golf for Jacqui and myself followed by various bits and pieces this evening.

All being well we will try to add some more stuff to the site tomorrow.

Thanks to Antonio Fornieles, the manager of the AR hotel, for being a real gentleman and helping Jacqui today.

Jacqui found out that the car had a puncture when she was collecting the list for Tuesday golf. Antonio was coming out of the clubhouse and saw Jacqui. He arranged for someone to come straight away from the hotel to put on the spare tyre for her. Very kind indeed.

By the time I had walked down to the clubhouse to help the new wheel had already been fitted.

You can guess who has been sorting out some new tyres this afternoon....

Almerimar bird watch


Almerimar bird watch

Perhaps something for John Wi to identify..... We spotted these birds close to the beach while we were walking along the prom today. When they flew off they looked a very pretty bright browny green colour.

I received an email last night with details of a charity golf competition for the Leukemia Foundation to be held at Almerimar on 5 August 2012. It is 25 euros a person (for Almerimar annual ticket purchasers) to take part which includes a donation to the charity.

We have just finished processing the Friday cards for handicap checking and have now decided to chill out rather than update the handicap list tonght. A quiet night in front of the telly is in order after a hard round of golf on a hot day in Almerimar.