Disposing of old furniture

A couple of weeks ago someone asked me about how to dispose of unwanted old furniture. I just spotted the notice above on the Almerimar Junta Local Facebook page.

Telephone Lirola Brothers.Free service for up to 3 pieces of furniture at a time. Pick up between 08:00 & 14:00 and 16:00 & 20:00, Monday to Friday.

I understand that they ask you to tell them the address to pick up the furniture from. Plus they ask you to leave it outside your apartment block close to the road on the day they agree to collect it.

Thanks to one of our readers, Alan Shep, for providing information about new Ryanair flights from Manchester this summer.

There are flights scheduled for twice a week (Thursday and Sunday) from Manchester to Almería starting at the beginning of June 2018.

Almerimar sunset 17 Jan18

Almerimar sunset 17 Jan18

Last night as I was walking out to put the bins out I took a couple of pictures of the sunset over Almerimar. As it was so beautiful.

It seems like so many people in Almerimar have either a cold or the flu at the moment. It feels like Almerimar is the cold and flu capital of the world based on the percentage of the population suffering.

Hopefully the many people involved will all be feeling better soon.

One of our readers, Dawn, asked us to advertise this.....

"New dance/exercise class for mature ladies, held at Golf Hotel, Thursday at 11.10.   25 euros per month."

If you are interested please get in touch and I will pass on contact details for Dawn.

Due to the festivities I missed this story on the Euro Weekly News site. There was a significant earthquake in the Almería area on the Saturday before Christmas. You can see details here.

An El Ejido born film director and writer, Manuel Martin Cuenca, has had a film nominated for 9 awards in the 2018 Goya film awards. It is called El Autor (The Author).

You can see more details here on the Sol Times site.

We had a number of electricity power supply glitches overnight. Plus another one just before 10am this morning.

I am not sure how widespread this was. Perhaps it was only our part of town.

It was a bit of a nuisance as our house was a bit like the Blackpool illuminations in the middle of the night.

Each time the power came back on again the light in our living room came on automatically. Plus the telephone handsets in our bedroom and living room pinged and lit up. Plus our speakers have lights on them. The lights on these were flashing for up to a minute or so before the speakers connected themselves back to the wifi and switched their lights off.

Hopefully the power supply will be back to normal now.

Thanks to Peter H for getting me to check this....

It appears that the new series of A Place In The Sun - Winter Sun is starting earlier than in previous years. Previously it normally started in January (according to their Facebook page).

The new series of A Place In The Sun - Winter Sun has started on Channel 4 on 20 November 2017. So I had better be on the lookout for episodes from the Almería area.

If anyone is looking at the TV schedule look for a couple from South London viewing property in the west of Almería (including Roquetas and Almerimar). With Jonnie Irwin as the presenter.

The email I received recently about the 2018 Burn Night Supper has got me thinking.

One of the services I would be happy to offer to the Almerimar community would be to advertise events in the area on this Almerimar Today website (that also automatically feeds through to an Almerimar Today Facebook page).

From time to time I hear of all sorts of things happening in the area. Both one off events and things that happen more frequently. For example, things like:

- I think there used to be regular quiz nights over the winter period organised by people who moor their yachts here;

- I think there used to be some Tai Chi classes happening somewhere in Almerimar;

- I think there are some groups that play boule regularly in Almerimar;

- I think there is a Wednesday morning walking club that some people organise for part of the year;

If any people involved in this type of thing would like to advertise events on Almerimar Today feel free to get in touch. If you provide the material I am happy to publish it here.