The article here on the Olive Press site has details of increases in budget airline travellers to Spain. Particularly from the UK.

I guess that even Almería has seen an increase this year.

The football season started again yesterday (20 August 2017) for CD El Ejido 2012 and UD Almería. Both teams were playing away.

It was a 0-0 draw away at Futbol Club Jumilla for El Ejido in the Segunda Division B - Group 4.

Almería won 1-0 away at Gimnàstic de Tarragona in the Segunda Division. Mr Sly will be happy today.

One of our readers has pointed out some information about viewing the eclipse on this coming Monday.

You can see information about the timing of viewing the eclipse here in Málaga and Almería.

I guess that in Almerimar it will be some time in between the two. So starting just after 20:45. It looks like it will last around 15 minutes or so.

Not sure whether you will have to be on high ground to get a good view. As I think the sun might be going down behind the castle at the moment.

I guess this may not necessarily be an interesting subject for non-UK people. However for those that need to transfer money over here regularly the exchange rate is starting to hurt a bit. See the article here on the Olive Press site for some details.

In my time here since late 2004 the lowest rate I ever got was around 1.08 euros to the pound. Having done a quick check it appears that the spot rate is now sitting at just under 1.10. It looks like I may set a new low for a transfer in the not too distant future.

Here is a video made from old photos of Almerimar golf and golfers. Taken from the Memorias de Almerimar Facebook page.

UPDATED 12:50 - 24 July 2017: A reader has spotted that the Virgin planner goes a day further. The episode on Friday 4 August is from the province of Almería. However I think it does not include Almerimar.

Just a quick update on the episode of A Place In The Sun that includes some properties in Almerimar. It was filmed here in early June 2017 and the new series is now being shown on Channel 4 in the afternoon every day except Sunday.

I have been checking the C4 schedule online regularly on the All 4 listings. So far I can confirm that it is not one of the episodes currently available on the All 4 schedule which runs up to Thursday 3 August 2017.

New business - 13 July 2017

After picking up the list for Friday golf earlier this afternoon I took a few photos of changes happening in town. This is the progress of the building work on the corner of Porto Fino near Mercadona. When asked the builders said they did not know what type of business it was going to be.

Read More for some more photos of this building work and some other photos from around town.

Read more: Out and About in Almerimar - 13 July 2017

One of our readers has got in touch and asked me to publish the following information (contact me if you would like the person's contact details)....

House clearance due to sale. Mixture of major and minor household items including a variety of garage items. To view or enquire please contact me on Wednesday 21 June 2017. I will only be available until Sunday 25th June.

One of our readers, Kenneth P, has been in touch with details of a website containing information about healthcare in Spain for UK citizens. You can see the information here.

I guess this will be a good starting point for comparing what is going to happen once Brexit negotiations have been completed.

I have just had reason to look at some files that were on one of my old PCs from some time ago. Being the nerd that I am I have kept copies of a lot of the data stored on PCs I have had since we came to Almerimar.

While looking I found some articles I wrote for a magazine called Mojacar Magazine in 2009. Around 4-5 years after we first arrived in Almerimar. The articles describe the seasons in Almerimar as I saw them in 2009.

Read More to read the articles from 2009 (2 combined into 1) plus a summary of changes that I think have happened between 2009 and now.

Read more: Almerimar throughout the year - article from 2009


Nerd that I am I have tried to keep copies of all of the files from my old PCs ever since I came to Almerimar in 2004.

Earlier today I stumbled across copies of some old photos of Almerimar. From a magazine in 1992 and a second edition that I mocked up in 2010.

You can see the two photos side by side above.

Volkswagen concept car

The article here on the town hall site is all about a Volkswagen concept car that was being promoted in the Almerimar area.

Funnily enough I was walking along the prom a while ago and spotted the car on display there. At the time I wondered what it was.

Read More for a Google translation of the article.

Read more: Volkwagen concept car

According to the article here on the the town hall website today is a start of a week of activities to celebrate people of the third age (aged 60 and over).

Apparently there are around 10,000 people registered as living in the  El Ejido area who are aged 60 and over. This is around 12% of the population.

There are 11 centres in total in the area similar to the pensioners centre in Almerimar at the back of Porto Fino.

Read More for a Google translation of the article.

Read more: The week of the "Third Age"

I have been a bit busy the last few days so have not had chance to post much here. So here is a round up of a few things I have spotted in town over the last few days....

- There are some changes being made on the road between Mercadona  and the roundabout that has exits to Darsena 1 and the golf club. Previously it was a dual carriageway with 2 lanes each way. The inside lane on either side is now being closed. With parking spaces being created on both sides of the road. I guess this will slow traffic down but will create some much needed additional parking in that area.

- The pretty big shop underneath Porto Fino just along from the tourist office and the nursery is close to opening. Having sneaked a peak through the window it looks like it is going to be another Chinese shop selling just about everything.

- It is quiet season on the golf course and the greens are recovering from hollow tining and top dressing. So the course is doing some very good deals between now and the early part of June.

IKARI, Almerimar
La Tavernetta, Almerimar
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