Snow On Mountains - 20 October 2017

The bad weather earlier this week has changed the views from Almerimar.

I have seen a few pictures on Facebook of the snow on the mountains from the golf course yesterday. This is my version. I have edited the photo so there is the original picture off my phone plus a zoomed in version. So you can see the snow a little better.

Autumn is here.

Gerry S has been in touch with details of the 2017 poppy appeal in Almerimar.....

You can find poppy appeal boxes ar Leo´s, Ankara, Stumble Inn, MacGowans, Almadraba, Charity Shop, Baobab, Bonnie & Clyde, Alamar and Pauline´s hairdressing salon in the golf hotel.

In addition you can buy raffle tickets at Leo´s and Ankara. Plus you can get raffle tickets from Gerry (get in touch if you want his phone number).

According to the article here on the Euro Weekly News site "The ban prohibits the burning of vegetation or agricultural waste and the use of barbecues even in designated areas at camping resorts and any area within 400 metres of a forest."

Almería war shelters

The article here on the Sol Times website has some information about the Almería war shelters.

I have yet to take the tourist trip around the shelters. I guess I will get around to it one day.

 Mojácar Bowls - 30 September 2017

Five local bowlers had a visit to the Mojácar Bowls Club over the last weekend. We had a great time and it was very good value for money.

The thing that impressed me most was the model that was used for the creation of the bowls facility. It came into being around 3 years ago.

My understanding is that the council funded the building of the bowls facility. They then leased it out to the Servigroup Marina Mar hotel on a long term lease. The hotel runs the bowls facility. The Mojácar Bowls Club contracts with the hotel to use the facility part of the time. The rest of the time it can be used by hotel guests or visiting bowls clubs.

It provides an additional sports facility in the area and provides an opportunity for the hotel to increase occupancy.

I believe that doing something similar in Almerimar would be a great idea. For me, the perfect location would be on part of the car park close to the golf clubhouse. I guess that the council own this land. Plus I guess they own the "unused" grassy area between the car park and the road that goes past the tourist office.

The grass area near the road could be levelled and the car park extended in this direction. The bowls facility could then be built close to where the herb garden used to be on the edge of the golf course.

You can see a few more photos from the trip in the Gallery.

In the past I have had an automatic feed of stories from the Almerimar Today website to my personal Facebook page. This feed will continue to exist.

In addition, I have now created an Almerimar Today Facebook page.

The reasons for doing this are twofold:

- the Facebook page will be available to people that I do not know personally.

- the Facebook page will allow people who have an interest in Almerimar to communicate with each other. This was one of the original aims of Almerimar Today. However for security reasons I had to remove the ability to comment direct to the site and provide a forum facility some time ago.

So if you like looking at Almerimar Today please take a look at and use the new Facebook page as well.

One of our readers has spotted that the link to the Mar Azul webcam was not working. I have switched it a new source and it seems OK now.

Also, it looks like Spotfav has changed to a registration based service. So I have removed the Spotfav link to an Almerimar webcam from the site.

Almerimar 1956

I was chatting to someone recently about the history of Almerimar. In the discussion I said that I had a photo of Almerimar from 1956 (see above). It was taken by Lico Geyvan who is a photographer from El Ejido.

I thought I would share it again as it was last seen on this site around 5 years ago.

Just a quick update on Almerimar featuring on A Place in the Sun. It is likely that our episode will not air until 2018.

The nice people on the A Place in the Sun Facebook page have explained the situation as follows:

"There are now 3 variants of the show: Winter Sun, Summer Sun and Home or Away. The aim of Winter Sun is locations so that hunters can escape the cold British winters. Summer Sun is so that hunters can access guaranteed sun all summer long. That is why locations can overlap. This is also why Winter Sun is shown in the winter and Summer Sun in the summer!"

The latest round of new episodes that have been shown during the week at 4pm in September are the Home or Away variant. The last one of these will be aired later this month. After that the show will take a break.

It is not certain but the show is likely to start again in early January 2018 showing Winter Sun episodes. Apparently this all depends on the people who produce the Channel 4 schedule. However based on previous years this is the most likely scenario.

Almería province is one of the areas that can be classified as either Winter Sun or Summer Sun. The episode showing Almerimar was filmed in June. However due to the climate in this region I guess it could be aired as part of the Winter Sun series in early 2018. If not, I guess it will be aired in the Summer Sun series later in 2018.

Summer is definitely coming to an end.

I have an app called Sitúame that gives you details of local bus services. This morning it gave me a message to say that the summer night bus services will stop from 10 September.

Also, we were in Mercadona yesterday and did not have to struggle to get a car parking space.

Plus we are sleeping a bit better as it is a bit cooler and less humid at night now.

Autumn and winter are on the way.

The article here on the Olive Press site has details of increases in budget airline travellers to Spain. Particularly from the UK.

I guess that even Almería has seen an increase this year.

The football season started again yesterday (20 August 2017) for CD El Ejido 2012 and UD Almería. Both teams were playing away.

It was a 0-0 draw away at Futbol Club Jumilla for El Ejido in the Segunda Division B - Group 4.

Almería won 1-0 away at Gimnàstic de Tarragona in the Segunda Division. Mr Sly will be happy today.

One of our readers has pointed out some information about viewing the eclipse on this coming Monday.

You can see information about the timing of viewing the eclipse here in Málaga and Almería.

I guess that in Almerimar it will be some time in between the two. So starting just after 20:45. It looks like it will last around 15 minutes or so.

Not sure whether you will have to be on high ground to get a good view. As I think the sun might be going down behind the castle at the moment.

I guess this may not necessarily be an interesting subject for non-UK people. However for those that need to transfer money over here regularly the exchange rate is starting to hurt a bit. See the article here on the Olive Press site for some details.

In my time here since late 2004 the lowest rate I ever got was around 1.08 euros to the pound. Having done a quick check it appears that the spot rate is now sitting at just under 1.10. It looks like I may set a new low for a transfer in the not too distant future.