Here are some details of me getting my EU vaccination certificate in Andalucía.....


Accessing your EU vaccination certificate in Andalucía

Some time ago I did a bit of research about how I can access my vaccination certificate that is allocated to me by the Junta de Andalucía.

The process is a bit fiddly but doable. Here is what I did on an android phone.

1. First step is to download an app called Salud Andalucia to your phone.

2. When you open the app you should see an option of Certificados COVID-19. Tap on this.

3. Then 3 options appear - tap on Vacunación.

4. It then says you need a session to use this section. Would you like to login? - Tap Accept

5. Tap on the option Dato personales y verificación móvil

6. a) You then have to enter your 10 digit Andalucía medical number (after AN). Note if you have an orange social security card (not a green medical card)  it does not have this number on it. You can find the correct 10 digit number on any paperwork you get from the doctor or the hospital. Or on a green medical card.

   b) Change DNI to NIE then enter your NIE number (or perhaps choose passport or other identity information and enter the correct info)

   c) Enter your date of birth

   d) Enter the phone number you want to use to receive a verification code.

   e) Tap Iniciar (or something similar) to start the process.

7. They then send you a text message with a 6 digit code to validate your login.

8. You type in the validation number and tap the button to log in.

9. It works and you can see your QR code. Plus you can download a PDF of your certificate.

10. At this point it appears that the exact steps depend on the type of phone you have. As exact instructions depend on the manufacturer of the phone. Using phone specific methods you can download a PDF file containing details of vaccinations and a QR code.


Time for certificate to be created and/or updated

From my experience your online certificate is created for the first time within 24-48 hours of your first vaccination.

Mine also took more than 24 hours and less than 48 hours to be updated after my second vaccination. Also, your certificate goes offline at some point during that period. Saying you do not have a certificate as all. I guess there is a gap in time between them deleting the old certificate and publishing the new one.