Bahía San Miguel golf - 18 August 2012

Thanks to the committee of Bahía San Miguel for organising the golf competition and dinner yesterday.

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Jacqui and Hans O

I am sure there will be a lot more photos on the BSM website in due course as the photographer was out and about on the course all day. In the meantime here is one of Jacqui sharing a buggy with Hans O. Very unusual for her not to walk.

José López

The dinner was held on the roof terrace of the clubhouse. Just as we were about to sit down a power cut hit Almerimar and we were in darkness for a few minutes until the power came back on.

While we were having dinner there was a slide show of pictures from the day plus some of José López.

José López memorial dinner -18 August 2012

The dinner was a long affair with loads of very tasty food served in small portions in the centre of the table followed by a tasty pork main course then a simple dessert. I thought the quality was very good. Particularly given the number of people being served.

There was a nice touch during the speech prior to the prize giving and the sorteo (raffle). Alan was given copies of the speech in English to help those who find it difficult to understand Spanish when it is spoken quickly.

One interesting thing confirmed in the speech is that the current committee of BSM is resigning at the next annual general meeting (normally in November). So it will be all change in the organisation of BSM next year.

You can see a few more photos from the day here in the Gallery.