Better ball handicap changes 2014

Firstly, thanks to Golf Almerimar for organising the Virgen del Carmen golf competition yesterday.

The rest of this article is for golf nerds.....

After the competition I was discussing handicap changes for pairs competitions with a few people. This was because the handicap changes that were made did not seem to match what I would have expected.

After a bit of research I found out that the Spanish golf federation introduced an updated handicap system from 1 January 2014. The change included a modification of the way in which pairs handicap changes are calculated. In addition, it also now allows for the possibility of handicaps going up after a pairs competition.

Sube = increase in handicap if you do not reach a score in the buffer zone

ZN = buffer zone (if you score a number of stableford points in this range your handicap is unchanged)

42, 43 etc. = number of stableford points scored

Some examples:

Sharon & I scored a nett 64 in the better ball pairs medal competition yesterday. This is 8 under the par of 72 for the course and equates to a stableford score of 44 points (36+8).

Sharon is in handicap category 4 (18.5 - 26.4) so her handicap was cut 0.4.

I am in handicap category 2 (4.5 - 11.4) so my handicap was cut 0.2.

Jacqui and Alan scored a nett 67 (5 under par) that equates to 41 (36+5) stableford points. They were both in their buffer zone so their handicaps are unchanged.

Finally a question:

Who is taking who to the prize giving ceremony on Wednesday evening after the virgen has been paraded around the port?