We have now played all 27 holes of the new winter golf course layout.

Earlier in the week we played the White/Red combination twice. Yesterday we played the Blue/White combination. Both of these winter layouts have the same slope table as the Master Course. Even though the Red course is 4 holes Master and 5 holes Classic. While the Blue course is 5 holes Master and 4 holes Classic.

The White course is the front 9 of the Master. So the layouts we have played as 18 hole courses contained 13 or 14 holes from the Master course. With 5 or 4 holes of the Classic.

As yet we have not played the easier Red/Blue combination that is a total of 9 holes Master and 9 holes Classic. This already had its own slope table with lower sloped handicaps.

The management of the course has put in a lot of effort to try to make the changes as easy as possible to understand.

There are plenty of signs guiding you around the course. My only slightly negative comment on the signage is that the distances shown on the signs (e.g. Red hole 4 - 130 metres) are as the crow flies. So the walk to the next tee is actually quite a bit longer than shown.  However, overall the distances walked between tees and greens in the new layout is about the same as the Master course. As show in the article here from when the new layout was trialled earlier this year.

New markers on the tees showing the official tee positions have been added on what was the Classic course. Also, the areas around the official tee position markers on what was the Master course have been strimmed. So you can see the markers more easily.

The Master course already had big concrete signs near each tee displaying a tiled image of the hole. The hole numbers have been modified on these signs so that they reflect the new layout (although the stroke index of the hole has not been changed so it does not match the new scorecard.)

There are similar signs currently being constructed on what was the Classic course. So that all 27 holes will soon have similar signs on each tee.

So far the speed of play has been OK. Also, we have had access to more tees times. We will have to see what happens in November when we have the maximum number of long stay players here.

The condition of the course is not fantastic. However it has improved quite a bit since the summer. When the green keeping staff struggled to keep the course tidy due to the grass growing so quickly.

All in all, at the moment I feel that implementing the new layout has been a success.