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Those who play golf at Alborán on a regular basis will know that the course is getting a lot busier. While the golf school located nearby does not seem to do much business.

The golf course is owner by the local council for the city of Almería. While the golf school was built and is managed by the regional government, the Junta de Andalucia.

The great news in this article from the La Voz de Almería website is that the two are going to merge. Similar news can be seen here on the noticiasdealmeria site.

This is something I have thought about ever since the golf school started being built. I came up with my own idea of how the course could be changed a little to take advantages of the facilities of the golf school (driving range, clubhouse, car parking etc.).

Read More for my ideas about how the course could change plus a Google translation of the article.


My suggested changes to the course

It would be great if the 1st and 18th holes were closer to the "clubhouse" building over the roundabout in the golf school.

With some investment you could build a new par 4 first hole. On land to the left of the current first hole. Starting close to the golf school and finishing close to the existing first green. Then open this new first hole as soon as it is ready. Closing the current first hole.

At this time there would be no need for the Alborán driving range. As people could use the range in the golf school.

A new par 4 finishing hole could be built from somewhere near the middle of the current Alborán driving range. With a new 18th green close to the golf school roundabout.

When the new 18th hole is ready you would tweak the back 9 holes. By converting the current 15th into a par 3 instead of a short par 4. Plus closing the current 17th hole.

The current 18th hole would become the 17th hole. People would then walk over/under the road from there to the new 18th tee where the driving range is now (as they do when going from hole 9 to hole 10).

This would use up some additional land close to the golf school roundabout. However it would free up the current car park area, bar, pro-shop and small practice area for some other use.

The Public School of Golf of El Toyo and the municipal field will be "unified" (La Vox de Almería)
The Minister of Education and Sports met this morning with the mayor


"The Public Golf School of El Toyo will be unified with the municipal golf course". This was announced by the Minister of Education and Sports, Javier Imbroda, which was the first institutional visit of a councilor of the new government of the Junta de Andalucía to the City of Almeria.

Imbroda, present in Almería to carry out the Board of Directors of Education and Sports, which he intends to develop every 15 days in a different province to learn the reality of each of them, he explained after having a meeting with the mayor of the capital, Ramón Fernández -Pacheco, "it is difficult to understand that the Public Golf School and the municipal field are two centers that live totally isolated" so he announced that he will be entrusted to the Secretary General of Sports to look for "formulas for synergies and be a whole installation. "

At the moment what is not clear is the figure under which this management could be carried out. Of course, Javier Imbroda explained that "the logical thing is to talk to optimize public resources. It is about administrations working together because public resources cost a lot ". He hinted that this publicly owned sports facility is in deficit, although he still does not have clear numbers, but he considers it essential that this type of services at least "balance the accounts".

For the mayor of the city, Ramón Fernández-Pacheco, this announcement is already a very important step since "for a long time the previous government was being asked for a meeting to be able to talk about the possibility of a joint work, but already It's not that they did not want to do it, it's that they did not even give us a date to meet. "

The truth is that from now what starts is a way in which we will have to negotiate the future of both sports facilities.

Other demands

In addition to the School of Golf, the Minister of Education and Sports, the first one that according to Fernández-Pacheco has visited the City Council, was carrying another folder full of demands, many of them historical, from the city.

Asked Javier Imbroda for the deadlines for the Conservatory of Dance to be a reality, he preferred not to give dates and said that "first we must analyze the situation in which all the educational centers of the community are located because the situation in Almería is not exclusive , there are some spaces that have been waiting for an answer for 30 years ".

To this he adds that for the time being there is no budget since "the year 2018 is extended and both the 2019 and the 2020 are being prepared" so they can not commit to giving dates either.


In addition to the Conservatory of Dance, the mayor of the capital said that the dossier includes the Conservatory of Music, or the need for new educational centers especially in expanding neighborhoods.

Fernandez-Pacheco included in these needs "the construction of a new secondary school in La Cañada" for which the City Council has even offered land to the regional government, or "the educational centers that would need a neighborhood that has grown tremendously like the Vega de Acá "and in which, urbanistically speaking, there is soil with the right category for its construction.

For the moment yesterday was only a first contact between the new Ministry of Education and Sports and the City of Almeria, but the intention is that the work is maintained, especially if you really want to make that connection between the Public School of Golf and the municipal golf course 'Alborán' since you have to see the formula.

The golf courses of the Board and the City Council will be merged (noticiasdealmeria)

The Minister of Education and Sports of the Junta de Andalucía, Javier Imbroda (Cs), visited Almeria on Monday, and announced the intention of the Andalusian Government to merge the Public Golf School of El Toyo with the Alboran municipal golf course, They are only 15 meters away.

The statements have been made after the meeting with the mayor, Ramón Fernández-Pacheco (PP), satisfied that this possibility is open because the current situation is quite incomprehensible, since the City Council has previously claimed meetings with the Executive autonomic

On this matter has indicated that the Secretary General of Sports of the Board will analyze previous issues for that union because "Public services have to contribute and there has to be nonsense."

Imbroda recalled that 2.8 million euros were invested in El Toyo and there is a deficit, but he added that the management of the other golf courses of the Junta in Andalusia will be reviewed to see their performance.

In the field of sports, Fernández-Pacheco has put on the table the proposal of transfer of management of the Public School of Golf to the City Council to convert the facilities of the School in the Clubhouse that the municipal field 'Alborán' urgently needs face to keep growing. An approach that has found the best answer, given that Imbroda has announced the next unification of the two sports facilities in order to "optimize public resources to the maximum."

It is about administrations working together to optimize resources because they "cost a lot", said the counselor, who insisted that this type of endowments "do not have to be, by system, deficit"

The Municipal Field 'Alborán Golf' is a sport and tourism resource that, since the summer of 2014, when the management passed into the hands of the City Council, has increased the number of annual departures by up to 100%. Only this 2018 have exceeded 45,000 field trips. The number of tournaments is also high and this last year has reached, for the first time, the score.

Along with field trips and tournaments, this sports facility located in El Toyo has a Children's Golf School that, with 80 children enrolled, is the largest nursery school in the province and brings together children between 5 and 17 years old. .

These and other matters have been included in a situation report that the mayor, accompanied by councilors of the Government Team and the two Citizens, has delivered to the counselor. Imbroda, who has joked with the "task" that the mayor has given him, has signed in the honor book of the City Council, first that he visits the Board of Education and Sports of the Board and in which he has written that "Almería is land of entrepreneurs and brave "with those, he says, is identified.

In the framework of the visit, Javier Imbroda has received from the mayor a book on the bullring of Almeria, edited by the Institute of Almerian Studies, and a facsimile of the Marquis of Ensenada on the constitution of Almeria as a municipality. Two gifts that have come to thank a visit "very expected" and that will be the first of many others that will come to confirm that you live "a new time" in the Junta de Andalucía, Fernandez-Pacheco said.