The video above is of the greens on the Master 3 (Classic) course being renewed at the end of June last year. Those 9 holes closed in May 2018. The grass on the old greens was killed using weed killer. The old greens were then dug out. After that a new sand base was laid with different contours on the green. Then, in late June, new grass was put on the greens (as shown in the video).  That course re-opened in mid-September 2018.

I understand that the Master (1&2) course will close next week for similar work to be done on those 18 greens this summer.

I think that some other repairs and improvements to the Master (1&2) course may take place. During the period while the course is closed. We will have to wait until later in the year to see what gets done and what does not.

I believe that the aim is to re-open the Master (1&2) course in the middle of September 2019. Before the influx of the winter overseas golfers. When the course will revert back to the winter White, Red and Blue layout.

If things are similar to last year I guess that there will be an official competition scheduled for a Saturday or Sunday in September 2019. To take place on the Master (1&2) course. To mark the re-opening of the course.

There is a DS Auto competition scheduled for Sunday 22 September. So perhaps there might be an opening competition the week before that.

While the Master (1&2) course is closed we will be playing twice around the Master 3 (Classic) course. The new greens there are very good so far. They are hard, fast and true.

We will only have 9 holes open at Almerimar this summer. During that time people who purchased 2019 green fees for Almerimar in bulk will be able to get special deals at other local courses. You need to contact the pro-shop to get details of these deals.