12th green - 20 July 2019

In the period from Wednesday 17 July through to Sunday 21 July 2019 Jacqui and I played golf 4 times in 5 days. We played on Wednesday at Playa Serena. Followed by twice at Almerimar on Friday and Saturday. Then yesterday at Alborán. This has given us a good opportunity to compare the courses.

The first thing to mention is that all 3 courses were in pretty good condition. When comparing them we were looking at the two 18 hole courses plus the 9 hole Master 3 (Classic) course at Almerimar.

There was not much difference between the 3 courses when comparing the tees and fairways. In the case of the bunkers I feel that the quality of the sand in the bunkers at Playa Serena and Alborán was better than at Almerimar. However the quality of the maintenance of the bunkers on all three courses was just about the same.

The big difference between the three courses was the speed and receptiveness of the greens. The greens on both of the other courses were similar to how the greens at Almerimar have been in the recent past. Particularly comparing them with the greens in the early part of summer in the last few years at Almerimar. They were very receptive and true. However they were pretty slow. Particularly when putting uphill.

The greens at Almerimar are now much firmer than the other two courses. Although they are less firm than when the Master 3 (Classic) course re-opened in September last year. At least you can now stop the ball reasonably quickly when playing a full wedge into the greens.

The Almerimar greens are also much faster than the other two courses. This is most noticeable with the last few metres of putts of all lengths. At Almerimar the putts just keep on rolling several metres further than at the other courses. It is really difficult to judge the length at putts at Almerimar. As a small variation in strength of putt leads to the ball rolling at least 2-3 metres further. While at the other courses it feels like I need to use a driver rather than a putter to get the ball to reach the hole. As the grass on the greens seems to have a lot more resistance.

Finally, the photo above is from last Saturday morning. When I was making my way up to play an official competition on the Master 3 (Classic) 9 hole course at Almerimar. On the way there I popped across to the 12th hole to have a look at how they have changed the bunker in front of the green. As you can see they have filled the bunker in a lot. To make it a little easier to get out of there when the Master 1 (18 hole) course opens with new greens in September.