2020 Almerimar Golf Events Issued 19 June 2020

For a few reasons this article is a sign that things are progressing towards the "new normal" in Almerimar.

For me, there is still some nervousness about the risk of infection. For myself and also for many others.

A large part of the Almerimar community is elderly. Also, I would guess that a significant number of people here will need to continue to be shielded from infection to some extent.

I feel that this is the first of what I hope in the future will be more baby steps towards some form of normality.

Firstly, Golf Almerimar has provided an updated list of official golf competitions for the rest of the year. As you can see above.

Secondly, this is just about the first article on here I have written for a long time where the focus is not coronavirus.

Thirdly, I am not planning to write a daily coronavirus story on here today. I will continue to write them some days. If there is something I feel it is worth reporting on.