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El Toyo golf course becomes more sustainable

They are preparing the installation of nets in an area where balls often escape

For anyone who is not a golf fan or who is not close to this sport, the municipal course that has been underway in the El Toyo urbanization since 2005 is almost unknown, and in fact, for those who visited it in the first times of operation, it almost also remains so.

Touring the 18 holes that make up ‘Alboran Golf’ is a respite of tranquility in the midst of this pandemic, although the lack of players highlights the stoppage that the arrival of COVID has meant for the sector. Francisco Benegas, managing director of the golf course, explains that “the strongest moments usually, not this year due to the pandemic, are the months of October and November, and February and March. The most powerful public are Swedes and Finns and they come to Almería to play as soon as bad weather hits their countries, and in many cases, they spend up to five months here ”.

This year it seems clear that this type of almost fixed clients that the municipal field has will be very few, since the health situation does not invite them, but the City Council and the field management are already working towards the year 2021 and the objective of continuing to get the largest number of Scandinavian tourists who are the most interested in this facility "both for the weather and for the prices," says Benegas.


But beyond the tourists, this golf course in El Toyo has about 500 subscribers of which about 300 live in Almería, with which, at least there is an important base of players that can continue betting on the installation despite the pandemic.

Precisely to provide service to these users who spend more time in the facilities, the City Council has decided to bet on the construction of the clubhouse that left the previous administrative concession pending and that represents "an important improvement for the services offered" , explains the Councilor for Promotion of the City, Carlos Sánchez. Of course, he does not put a date on the immediate horizon since everything will depend on the economic evolution of the city since "right now the priorities are to face the current situation," he recalls.

This new clubhouse joins the changes that are being made in the municipal facility and that "mainly seek an improvement in the sustainability of the field." The Councilor for Promotion of the City highlights the arrangement of the parking that has been carried out “by paving it, placing shadows on it and installing photovoltaic panels that allow us to use that solar electric energy for the use of the provisional clubhouse that we have, the cafeteria or charge the boogies that players use and that are also electric ”.

Among these latest changes that have been made to the facility since the City Council assumed direct management, Carlos Sánchez highlights the cafeteria that "not only serves users but has also become a meeting point for people who live in area".


In order to tell me about the current situation of the course, the managing director decided that the best option was to take a boogie and go around the different holes. I am surprised by the green of the lawn despite the significant heat that it is still when we visit.

The first stop was made right in an area near the buildings that once made up the Olympic village during the Mediterranean Games. There we go down to talk about the problems that some of the neighbors have raised when receiving some "balls" from the players on the field. "A net of between 25 and 30 meters and about six meters high will be placed in this area to try to prevent it from continuing to pass," explains Benegas who clarifies that "whether the ball can leave the playing area depends to a large extent from the location of the hole and we almost have controlled where it can happen ”. With the installation of this network, an attempt will be made to end the problem reported by the neighbors.

Following the route we see the areas closest to the hotels, with which important communication is maintained since they are facilities that to a great extent walk hand in hand when serving tourists. We approach the areas closest to the urbanizations that, in many cases, have their pools located next to the field, so, to try to avoid problems, we are trying to grow a vegetal screen that allows privacy to both facilities .
As a curiosity, the managing director of the golf course makes a stop at the height of some ficus trees. He points them out and explains: “These trees were placed somewhere in the city and they were moved here. They have grasped well and are already throwing twigs and leaves ”. And the thing is that if Benegas stands out, it is that the field is made with the presence of species that have a good fit in the Almeria climate, even in the grass it has.


“When the field designer did the project, he used a type of grass called bermudagrass, which is widely used in California. It requires less water than other varieties and although it turns brown in winter, it is visually uglier, it needs less water, ”explains Benegas.

We continue the visit and the boogie stops next to one of the two large ponds. There you can see various species of birds that have found in these ‘artificial’ wetlands a space in which to live. In fact, according to the manager, even a flock of storks has passed there one day on a technical stop during their migration.

At the foot of the lake he explains to me the system by which this facility is irrigated. “These two ponds store the water provided by the El Toyo WWTP to irrigate the entire field. They pour water on us from time to time, we store it in these ponds and then, from them, it is distributed through the network of small pipes from which the field is mined, with sprinklers that with a small electrical impulse come out when the computer program determines it and proceeds to water ”.

We took the last look at the training lanes, which did have a significant presence of players who were practically their shots. Some streets that are in good condition.