The article here on the La Voz de Almería site has details of the return of foreign golfers to the province.

The article has a focus on Alborán golf. Locally, it is clear that we are getting more people playing the Almerimar course again this winter.

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Foreign golf tourism makes a strong comeback to Almería

The arrival of Swedes and Finns will improve the data for the end of 2019 in the field of El Toyo

Hundreds of Swedish and Finnish golf fans are beginning to arrive these days at the courses in the province of Almería, especially Playa Serena, Almerimar and El Toyo.

This landing of foreign tourists will make it possible, for the moment, that the municipal field of the capital can already exceed the occupation and income data of the final months of 2019, the last year before the pandemic that has so far prevented the arrival of athletes from other countries.

However, the total balance of this 2021 will not be able to improve that of 2019, since this season the foreign tourist of spring has been lost, taking into account that the countryside of the capital, like all those of the province, It cannot give positive results only with the local subscriber and without foreign visitors, as Francisco Venegas, director of Alborán Golf, explains.

Swedish fans, almost entirely retired couples, will arrive through the Nordpoolen tour operator, which has already worked for more than a decade with tourists from the same origin with other golf destinations in Almeria, such as Roquetas de Mar, and since 2014 He does it with the field of El Toyo.

On the other hand, Finns, who are also usually retired couples, tend to travel on their own, without the help of tour operators, and usually stay in apartments or flats in the Almeria urbanization itself.

Long stays This means that their stays tend to be longer, even two to five months each year, and there are already several cases of couples who have purchased a house in El Toyo to play golf here for a good part of the year.

Instead, Swedish tourists stay in hotels in the urbanization. Until this year they have always done it at the Barceló, since it is the only one that usually remains open on these dates, although it also closes in the winter months, as it will this year between November 27 and February 27.

It is precisely the winter closure of the hotels in El Toyo, together with the lack of direct flights to the Nordic countries, which each year slows the arrival of tourists to Almeria, something that could happen again at the end of November, although it still exists. the possibility that a hotel in the urbanization can stay open all winter, something that would happen for the first time since 2005.

According to Francisco Venegas, from these days until the last week of November, around 300 Swedish tourists are expected to arrive, who generally have an average stay of between 10 and 15 days. "We have even had to set a limit these two months, because we cannot allow foreigners to take over all tee times, to guarantee that local fans - the club has around 300 season tickets from Almería - can continue playing," says the director of the field.

The third largest group of foreigners who visit the El Toyo field in these months is made up of British people, most of whom reside throughout the year in the province, especially in the Almanzora region. "The British have the habit of associating themselves in‘ societies ’, which come in groups of around 30 people at least once a month," says Venegas.

The best historical August Alboran Golf has also recovered the Irish tourist this year, thanks to the fact that Ryan Air has a direct flight between Dublin and Almería.

The rest of the fans from other countries only come to play in Almería when they are passing through, although it is possible that a new place of origin may be added in the future, after an Icelandic tour operator has contacted those responsible for the field. to communicate their idea that groups of fans from this country travel to Almería in the future, although it will depend on whether a charter flight can be established.

Meanwhile, since the beginning of the pandemic Alboran Golf has "survived" thanks to the local and national public. Even so, in 2021 the field has experienced “the best historical August” in data and the best month of 2021 in departures and billing.