Almerimar 14th Hole Bunker On Left Filled In

As you can see the bunker on the left of the fairway on hole 14 of the summer Master (1 & 2) course is being filled in. It is the bunker that is close to the 13th tee on the same layout. In the winter the hole is Blue 1 and bunker is close to the Red 9 tee.

This is one of a number of simplifications of a lot of holes at Almerimar this summer. Ready for when the course will be busy again over the winter.

There are bunkers being filled in, trees being removed, new orange (shorter) ladies tees being created and some new bunkers being created close to a couple of water hazards. The new bunkers are there on the edges of a couple of greens (summer Master (1&2) holes 11 and 12) to stop wayward shots going in the water hazards.

My guess is that when all the work has been done there will be some new slope tables as the course difficulty will be re-assessed. Plus it is likely that the companies providing golf sat-navs will have to re-map the courses as well.