In 2013 the Spanish Golf Federation issued a document about how to avoid slow play. We published details on the FGS site at the time. We have now decided to repeat the guidance again for the information of FGS members.

See details here on the FGS site. All golfers, whether FGS members or not, should read the details and do their bit to avoid slow play.

It looks like the golf federation for Andalucia has updated the software they use for managing competitions.

It is now called Nextcaddy. From this home page you can search for the club you want.

Here is a link to the Nextcaddy page for Almerimar.

There is much less functionality on Nextcaddy compared with Flashcaddy. You can no longer look up slope table information etc. One thing I will have to check when we have the next official competition is whether it still sends you a text message with your starting time and tee.

UPDATED - Have had a poke around on the site and it still sends text messages. You can register the phone number you want to receive the message on via a pop up window on the list of start times for a competition. You do need to know various bits of information including the last 4 digits of the bank account used to pay your membership fee. Plus you need to register on the site. So probably easier to do what we did years ago. Get the people in the Almerimar pro-shop to register your mobile number on Nextcaddy for you.

There is a notice on the desk in the clubhouse saying that the Master course is closed from Monday 31 August 2015 until Tuesday 8 September 2015. This is so that work can be done to help the course recover from the extreme heat we have had this summer.


The entry list for the 2015 José López Memorial golf competition has now gone up on the noticeboard in the clubhouse. The event will take place on Sunday 9 August 2015.

The entry fee is 30 euros a person with a reduced entry fee for members of Báhia San Miguel.

The format is 18 holes stableford.

There are 2 handicap categories with 3 prizes for winners in each category.  In addition, there are prizes for longest drive and nearest the pin. Plus there is a special prize for the 2nd lowest score.

It is an official Spanish competition. So people will need an official Spanish handicap to take part and the competition will be played off the competition tees.

The closing date for entry is Thursday 6 August 2015.

A quick update on the story the other day. We have just heard that there has been a change of plan on the golf course.

All 27 holes are now going to remain open. They will look to do the work on the greens while keeping all 27 holes open.

We understand that the José López Memorial golf competition will take place this coming weekend at Almerimar. We understand that it will be open to bother members and non-members of Bahía San Miguel this year.

Further details will be posted here and on the FGS website when we have them.

As usual, it is likely to be an official competition. So people will need an official Spanish handicap to take part and the competition will be played off the competition tees.

The information below is a summary of a notice that has been posted by the management of the Almerimar course on the noticeboard in the clubhouse.

Starting from Monday 3 August 2015 there will be a rolling closure of 9 holes of the course each day. One day the back 9 of the Master course will close, the next day the Classic course will close and the day after the front 9 of the Master course will close. This pattern of closure will continue for 2 weeks.

The only time all 27 holes will be open on the same day will be on a Saturday or Sunday if there is an official competition taking place.

The reason for the closures is to allow the course to recover from damage caused by the very high summer temperatures this year. In particular to allowing the greens to recover.

In addition to the closures various other step will be taken. These have been agreed between the management of the course and representatives of the green keeping section of the Spanish Golf Federation.

For example, the greens will be cut 50% less often (3 times a week instead of 6) and the cutting height will be raised. So grass will be longer and the greens will be slower. Also, extra watering, application of fungicide and application of fertilizer will take place to assist recovery of the greens.

If you want full details it is best if you contact someone at the course.

Francis House 2015 

Francis House 2015

One of our readers, John A, has been in touch about the 2015 Francis House golf week at Almerimar in October 2015. These are the deals for locals, either using their own green fee tickets or not. There is also a deal with a weeks stay at the hotel as well.

If you want more details feel free to get in touch with Tarleton Golf.

Just a quick mention that the Open Almerimar competition scheduled for Sunday 26 July 2015 has been moved to Saturday 25 July 2015.

It will cost 50 euros a person to enter. The price includes a prize giving dinner on the Saturday evening. Golf Almerimar has today put the entry list up on the noticeboard in the clubhouse.

Jacqui and I are due to play in a competition at Playa Serena sometime soon so yesterday we went there for a practice. It was a very enjoyable round on a hot afternoon.

While there, one thing surprised me a lot. It is a sign of the recent improvement in the state of the Almerimar course that Jacqui and I agreed that Almerimar is in better condition than Playa Serena at the moment.

So far this year there have not been many official golf competitions on Sundays in Almerimar. That looks to be changing soon as there is now a list of upcoming competitions on the noticeboard in the clubhouse.

The next official competition is scheduled for Sunday 31 May 2015. I guess we had better start practicing off the back tees.

14th green - 19 May 15

Just over a week ago, on Tuesday 12 May 2015, Jacqui and I played the Classic course on the day it reopened after the greens had been tined a week earlier. We were really surprised at how good the greens were.They were a little slow but you could hardly see that work had been done on them.

Yesterday, we played the back 9 of the Master course and the Classic course. As soon as our groups had finished playing the holes the club closed the back 9 of the Master course. They then started tining the greens on these holes. The photo above is of when we finished the Classic and had walked around to the 15th tee. It is the work underway on the 14th green.

In previous years, after the greens had been tined we normally had a load of sand on the greens and they were poor for the next few weeks. This really is not the case this year.

As Jacqui walked home across the newly re-opened front 9 holes of the Master course yesterday afternoon she took some pictures of the 4th and 9th greens. If you Read More you will see how good these greens looked on the day they have been re-opened.

Jacqui and I both believe this is the best piece of green keeping work we have seen in Almerimar in the last 10 years. So well done to the green keepers.

As you would expect, the greens are a little slow at the moment. Lets hope that they speed up a bit as they recover more and we do not lose the grass over the summer.

Read More to see the other photos.

It looks like Golf Almerimar is giving a very nice gift to the golfers this summer. Jacqui and I played in Friday golf yesterday after almost a 2 week break from the golf course. We noticed a few changes.

It appears that the fairways are being cut much wider this year. In previous years the Almerimar course has become very difficult in the summer. This is due to the length of the rough that grows quickly only an inch or two off the fairway.

When we played yesterday it looked like the fairways were going to be cut wider this year. Perhaps something like 5 metres wider on each side of the fairway on some holes. As the rough is not yet growing really rapidly it is not certain that this will be the case. However the fairways seemed much wider yesterday. SO maybe this will go on throughout the summer.

If this does happen then there can be less complaint from the golfers if the rough is penal just off the fairway. However it could perhaps be even better if we end up having both a first and second cut of rough. With the second cut of rough reserved for very wayward shots.

The other change that we noticed is that the greens are improving quite a bit. They are still pretty slow but the grass coverage is much better now. We will have to see what they are like after the upcoming tining of the greens.

Starting this coming week (probably Tuesday), for the next 2 weeks, 9 holes of the Master Course will be closed while greens are tined.

The Classic course has already been done. The front 9 on the Master course will close pretty soon then after that re-opens the back 9 of the Master will close.

Things should be back to normal in around 2 weeks. However it might take a few weeks after that for the greens to recover from the tining.

One thing to remember is that this disruption is necessary if we are to hope to have good greens in the summer. Lets hope all goes well.

Bottles and chocolates

A trip to Mercadona for bottles and chocolates ready for Friday golf.

The week before last was the first time in ages I have won nearest the pin. So it was the first time I had won these rather nice (but very rich) chocolates in the blue bag.

Near pin chocolates


In between the cold, windy and wet weather we have been experiencing recently the organisers of the first Pink Charity Golf Day on Friday 10th April managed to conjure up a sunny day with just enough breeze to challenge the scoring. 52 players took part in teams of 4 with prizes for best lady, best man, teams, nearest the pins, longest drive, putting and a special Pink Ball team challenge.

Generous sponsorship was received from a range of businesses and individuals for prizes and raffle prizes and the organisers wish to thank everyone who provided prizes, helped out on the day and the evening, took part, bought raffle tickets and special thanks to those who wore something pink- especially those who went a bit OTT and won some special awards for their brave dressing!

Pink Charity Golf Prize Giving 2015

Pink charity prize giving 2015

Pink charity golf prize giving

Pink chairty golf prize giving

The evening event was held at Leos bar where an evening of good food and camaraderie was topped off by a thank you address from Angela from the Asociacion de Espanola de Controla de Cancer, a live auction of two items by Brian D, a silent auction for a Garmin Sat Nav and a play off on the tiled floor for the Ladies putting prize, a great evening was had by all.

Well done to all the prize winners who are:-

Best Lady: Penny J – 41 points

Best Man: Paul W – 39 points

Best Team: Paul W, Penny J, Barrie J and Fiona H – 98 points (must be some sort of record!! - Editors Note: Not quite. There are records of Friday results going back to 2007 on the FGS website even though the society did not exist until 2011. However the scores were not recorded in the results until the start of 2010. Since then two teams have scored 99 points and 4 teams have scored 98 points)

2nd Team: Rafael L, Kristina O, Rolf J, Sharon S - 90

3rd Team: Eduardo P, Ann N, Lee G, Joan E -86

Pink Ball prize – 4 teams returned the Pink Ball, winners were: David H , Anita G, Frank R and Bill R with 34 points.

Nearest the Pin in 2 at 6th: Mel M and Sharon S

Longest Drive at 14th: Eduardo and Karen P

Nearest the Pin at 17th: John N ( no lady winner!)

Putting: Brian D and Maria C-D

The organisers –Michelle, Mary and David are delighted to announce that the total sum raised – including the collection in Leos bar  - has just exceeded 2400€, an amount that is well beyond anything they had planned or hoped for. This will be donated equally to the two Breast Cancer charities in the UK and Spain.   Thank you once again to everyone who took part and for your contributions to make the day such a success!

Best Wishes Michelle, Mary and David

Editors note: The photos from the prize giving are now available in the Gallery alongside the photos from the day.

Well done to Mary B, Michelle and David H plus all their assistants for putting on a great event yesterday.

We have published the pictures from the day and we look forward to publishing the results and the amount raised for cancer charities in Spain and the UK.