The bridge on the 8th has now reopened. It is a all painted up. Also it appears that there is a new rough surface on the bridge on top of the plastic floor to stop people slipping.

In addition, as we were driving around the Mercadona roundabout both Jacqui and I noticed a change. There appears to be some posts that have been put up just inside the golf course close to the roundabout. They are near the fence on the left hand side of the 9th fairway after you have played your shot over the water. It looks like there may be some sort of sign going up there soon.

 Alborán - Downs Syndrome competition

Jacqui and I went along to the golf competition at Alborán yesterday in aid of the Almería Down Syndrome association. A great time was had by all.

The cost of entry was 45 euros a person. This covered the golf, a gift of a couple of melons each, some fruit and water while playing and lunch afterwards. There was also a sorteo (free raffle) and a paid for raffle. The star prize in the paid for raffle was a pair of golf shoes donated by Sergio Garcia.

We  did not play very well but we had a great day. You can a few more photos here in the Gallery.

I went down to the clubhouse this morning to put up the list for the first FGS summer Tuesday competition of 2014. While there I was told that Golf Almerimar is now a member of

I believe that the organisation is a French based international group of golf clubs and courses that work together. Interestingly one of the partners is the Crown Golf group of courses in the UK.

Thanks to this membership I now have a leclub-golf gold card that entitles me to discounted rates at a large number or golf courses in Europe. Plus some in America and Asia.

I believe that people who are socios of Almerimar (buy tickets here) are members. However I am not sure whether you have to buy a minimum number of green fees to qualify for the leclub-golf membership.

The work has started on tining the greens on the front 9 of the Master Course. So the front 9 is closed at the moment and people are playing the back 9 and the Classic.

No doubt holes 10-18 on the Master will close after that for similar work.

We played the Classic today and the greens had recovered reasonably well on there. The trees were also fully loaded with leaves so the Classic course is maturing quite a bit now.

Golf Almerimar has put up the new slope table for ladies on the noticeboard including slope from the new forward pink/orange tees.

We now have professional (white), official (yellow) and forward (blue) mens tees each with a slope table. Also professional (blue) official (red) and forward (pink/orange) ladies tees each with a slope table.

Read More to see a copy of the new ladies slope table that Golf Almerimar has published on Facebook.

Work on the bridge on the 8th

I got the opportunity to play in Tuesday golf today. While playing I noticed that the work has started repairing the bridge on the 8th. They were rubbing down and painting the metal parts of the bridge today.

There is a notice up in the clubhouse. It is that time of year again..... time for the greens to be tined?

The classic course will be closed from 21-27 April. After that 1-9 on the Master Course will be closed from 28 April - 4 May. Then holes 10 - 18 of the Master Course will be closed from 10-18 May.

Quite some time ago there were some new concrete slabs put on the side of the tees (or in some cases in front of the tees) on each hole of the Master Course.

Yesterday was the first time that I had seen wooden tee markers out in these positions on the course. The wooden tee markers were orange and appear to mark the place for new forward ladies tees on each hole.

As part of the recent review of the slope rating of the course the blue tees are now officially sloped as the mens forward tees as well as the ladies "professional" tees. Previously they were only sloped as the ladies "professional" tees.

It will be interesting to see how these new mens and ladies forward tees will be used over the coming weeks and during the summer. It will also be interesting to see what is going to happen with the mens (yellow) and ladies (red) tees of the day. In particular, what amount of separation there will be between the forward tees (blue and orange) and tees of the day (yellow and red).

Bridge on the 8th hole

Today Jacqui and I had a practice round off the competition tees as the start of our preparations for the El Corte Inglés competition. The competition is scheduled for late April 2014 so we have a bit of time to get used to playing the longer course again.

In the pro-shop there was a notice saying that the bridge on the 8th hole is closed for repairs. As you can see from the photo above the repairs have started.

The drop zone has been moved to the left of the hole. It is in front of the ladies easy forward tee that has been in use in the winter months. Also, to enter and leave the island green you have to use the path on the back left of the hole. Then walk around the back of the hole to get to the 9th tee.

PS Look at the lovely blue sky in the picture.

Yesterday I popped in to the clubhouse to check a few things. While there I noticed that there is now a new slope table for the Master Course. There are a few differences from the old one.

There is now a separate slope for both the ladies and men playing off the blue tees. Previously I think there may only have been a table for the ladies playing off the blue tees

On both the mens from the yellow tees and ladies from the red tees it appears that the course has been classified as being more difficult than before. So virtually everyone will get an additional shot or shots when playing off their FGS handicaps.

Luckily we are not playing 18 holes on the Master this week. So we have a bit of time to update the list of handicaps for FGS members on the FGS website before the next FGS competition on the Master course.

One other interesting point is about the new forward ladies tees that are being set up on the course at the moment. On each hole there is some concrete in the ground with a wooden post in it. I think these designate the points on the course where new forward ladies tees are going to be placed/cut/built. Some of these are at the very front of existing tees. Some are quite a way in front of the current ladies tees. I guess the slope table for these tee positions will be published once these new forward ladies tees come in to use. Perhaps next autumn? I guess we will have to wait and see.

 President's Day 2014

 The President's Day event last Sunday has made the press. Alan & Sharon have passed us a copy of the press release and photo.

Click on the photo above and click on the image that appears in a new window to see a larger version of the picture from the Wiki Ejido site.

You can see an article here on the Wiki Ejido site.

Read More for a Google translation of the press release.

The president of the Friday Golf Society (FGS), Alan Sly, has asked that we mention the upcoming FGS Presidents Day charity event on this site. See the FGS website for more details of this event that takes place on Sunday 2 February 2014.

Having not played much due to the trip back to the UK and a bit of an injury to a muscle near my rib I tried out 9 holes on the Master course with Jacqui yesterday.

We played the front 9 holes and spotted a few changes. There are new tee markers on every hole being made with concrete right at the front of the tees. Talking to Christer last night we think these might be some new orange forward tees for ladies. They have not been painted yet so I guess we will have to wait and see.

Also, yesterday the yellow tee markers for tees of the day for men were located very forward, in line with the official blue tees. I am not sure whether this is now a regular thing or it was a one off yesterday. It was certainly very friendly for me trying to get back into golf again after a bit of an injury. If it is to become a regular thing I think we can expect some big reductions in FGS handicaps in the coming weeks.

Well done to Isabel F and Lennart who won the ladies and higher handicap category first prizes at the first official competition in Almerimar for 2014. Jacqui also got in the list of ladies prize winners so well done to her too.

There were over 70 players taking part on a lovely day here in Almerimar. You can see the full results here on the Almerimar Flashcaddy site.

 Baby hedgehog - 5 Jan 14

Jacqui spotted this baby hedgehog on the course when playing in the Sunday competition yesterday. It was in the rough to the right of the bunker in the centre of the 16th fairway. Apparently it has been there for a few days as Alan spotted it last Friday. Jacqui is hoping to get another look at it while playing in Monday golf today.

Just checked in the golf club this morning and I can confirm that the golf ticket prices for 2014 are the same as 2013.

As with last year you can buy 25, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 175, 200 or 365 rounds. With a discount if you purchase prior to 28 January 2014.

As yet, the terms and conditions for 2014 purchases have not been published.

PS Bahía San Miguel has announced that they are reverting to a membership fee of 100 euros a person a year for 2014.