Classic Green 4 on 4 Sept18

Classic Green 4 on 4 Sept 18

Yesterday I was playing 9 holes on the back 9 of the Master course. While playing I took the opportunity pop under the bridge and take a couple of pictures of the new green on Classic hole 4. You can see them above.

It is now only 2 1/2 weeks until the 9 holes on the Classic course will re-open. As mentioned here the course will switch to the winter layout (Red, Blue, White 9 holes) on 22 September 2018. On this day there will be a competition open to all people who buy green fees in bulk at Almerimar to celebrate the reopening of the 9 holes on the Classic. You do not have to be a member of the Spanish Golf Federation to take part in this competition.

Today I was offered the opportunity to try out putting on the new green on Classic hole 4. The green is much faster than the greens on the Master (1&2) course. However it is still somewhat bumpy. My guess is that the new greens will be flattened with a golf green ironing machine sometime in the next couple of weeks to make sure they are great to putt on.

Sadly, the competition on the 22 September 2018 clashes with an Andalucian Seniors Open competition at Playa Serena. So I guess not all of the locals will be able to play at Almerimar on 22 September. However I am sure we will all love the new greens when they are open for use.

Golf Almerimar Notices - 22 August 18

Earlier today we received two announcements from Golf Almerimar. One was about the Master course greens being tined next week (Monday 27 and Tuesday 28 August 2018). The second notice was explaining that there will be a competition to celebrate the reopening of the Classic course (with the new greens) on Saturday 22 September 2018. You can see copies of the two notices above.

Earlier today Jacqui and I played in an official golf competition at Almerimar. After the competition it was announced to people at the prize giving that further details about the re-opening of the Classic course will become public soon.

Golf Almerimar will be contacting people who have purchased annual packs of green fees for 2018 in the near future. Two of the main forms of contact will be via email (if you have registered your email address with them) and the Golf Almerimar Whatsapp phone number (if you have contacted them via Whatsapp via this phone number).

If you are a regular player at Almerimar and you want to know the latest news I suggest that you make sure they have your contact details. So you can keep abreast of the latest news.

This happened a while ago and I forgot to mention it. You can now contact Golf Almerimar via WhatsApp. The phone number is 0034620821455 if you want to add them as a contact on WhatsApp.

The entry list is now up in the clubhouse for the 2018 edition of the José López Memorial golf competition. It will take place on Sunday 5 August with a Pairs Medal Texas Scramble format.

According to the notice each pair will receive 30% of their combined sloped handicap. With each player having to use a minimum of at least 6 tee shots during the round.

Classic Green 4 on 27 June 2018

Classic Green 4 on 29 June 2018

It has now been confirmed that the greens on the Classic (Master 3) course at Almerimar are being renewed. Work started some time ago with the new grass being laid on the greens late in June. The two photos above are of the green of Classic hole 4 on Wednesday 27 June and Friday 29 June 2018. The day before and the day after the new grass was laid.

The video above has recently been released on youtube.

I believe that the aim is for the Classic course to reopen at the end of September 2018. I also understand that the long term plan is to replace the greens on the Master (1&2) course. I understand that further details about these plans will be firmed up and released to interested parties sometime later this year.

I received the email shown here from the Andalucian gole federation. It looks like Almerimar is one of the courses signed up for the summer "Young golf" initiative.

It looks like the Master course has reopened earlier than expected following the recent hollow tining of the greens.

We were not expecting it to open until Monday 7 May 2018. However, I have just been told it reopened today.

For those interested in golf handicapping systems. There are couple of interesting article here and here on National Club Golfer website about the new handicapping system to be introduced in 2020.

There is still a lot of detail to be sorted out. However these articles give people an insight into what is going to happen.

I have recently received the following information via email from the management of the golf course....

"Good morning, next 27th of May we are going to celebrate a Pro-Am in Golf Almerimar.
It will be a shot gun at 10:00 in the morning with a maximum of 24 teams formed by 3 amateurs and the 20 best professionals in the Andalusian ranking. The modality will be modified Texas (Best tee shot of the 3 amateurs and each one ends with his ball). There will be an awards ceremony with aperitif and prize for the first 3 classified teams. Inscription  50€.
For more information call 950607936 or ask the staff directly.
Thank you."

I had a discussion yesterday while I was at the Almerimar pro-shop. Here is my understanding of what work is happening on the greens next week.

On Monday 23 April the Master 3 (Classic) course will be closed for hollow tining. The course used on this day will be the Master (Master 1 & Master 2) course. There may be some restrictions on playing on the Master course later in the day.

On Tuesday 24 April the White course (Master 1, front 9 Master) will be closed for hollow tining. The layout used on this day will be winter Red & Blue.

From Wednesday 25 April onwards the Master (Master 1 & Master 2) course will be closed for some time. The only course open will be the Master 3 (Classic) course.

As yet, I am not sure when the full 27 holes will re-open following the work on the greens. One I know I will publish something here.

New Bridge Classic 2nd - 18 April 18

Just a few bits and pieces about the Almerimar golf course.

Jacqui and I played a quick 9 holes on the blue course yesterday afternoon. To blow away the cobwebs after a heavy day on Tuesday.

As you can see from the photo above the new bridge on Blue hole 3 (Classic 2) is now open. The tees on the hole have now reverted back to positions where people have to hit their drive over water.

Also, I understand that plans have changed a little for the upcoming hollow tining of the greens. Previously the plan was to close the White (front 9 Master) course next week for hollow tining.

See the story here for information about the tining next week.

Bridge On Classic Hole 2 - April 2018

As you can see from the photo above, there is a new bridge being built on the golf course. It is on Hole 3 of the Winter Blue Course. Also known as hole 2 of Master3/Classic course in the summer layout.

The current bridge is no longer safe to carry buggies. So the buggies are being routed around the water. Also, the tees have been pushed forward on the hole while the new bridge is being built.

This photo was taken over the Easter weekend. As today is not a bank holiday in Spain perhaps work on the new bridge might be re-starting today.

You can see a summary of the new system here on the R&A site.

I wonder if the Spanish Federation will now fall into line with the rest of the world. Or will they continue to have their own specially tweaked version like they did with the European (EGA) system?

Golf course - 13 February 2018

Golf course - 13 February 2018

Golf course -13 february 2018

A few days ago I mentioned that Juan, the caddie master, is working with the green keepers to get the areas beneath the trees on the course cleared. This is to help speed up the pace of play.

On Tuesday afternoon Jacqui and I played 9 holes on the White course (front 9 Master course). While we were playing we spotted the green keepers working on the trees between the 1st and 3rd holes (bottom photo). Plus the area to the left of the the 4th hole (top 2 photos).

These are just a couple of examples. When you walk round the course you can see many areas under trees that are much tidier.

I understand that this work to tidy up the course will be continuing in February and March. With some significant work taking place in front of the tee of Red hole 5 (Classic 6). Where trees and bushes are to be removed completely so people can see the fairway when playing their tee shots.

It is really good to see efforts being made to improve the course.

I have been told that the hollow tining of the greens on the Almerimar course will start on Monday 23 April 2018.

From this date the course will revert back to the summer layout. With the Master 1 (front 9 Master), Master 2 course (back 9 Master) and Master 3 (Classic).

The Master (Master 1 & 2) course will be closed for 2 weeks while the work is completed and the greens start recovering. During this team anyone wanting to play 18 holes will have to play twice around the Master 3 (Classic) course.

The Master (Master 1 & 2) course is scheduled to reopen on Monday 7 May 2018. I guess that sometime soon after that the Master 3 (Classic) course will close for a week or two for similar work.

Just a quick personal view on the winter layouts that are being tried this year. I feel that overall they have been a success. Allowing more people on the course and getting us all around in the light almost all of the time. There were some days when the people playing in the morning were too slow. Causing a hold up in the afternoon. Hopefully this issue will be resolved in time for the upcoming busy period in the rest of February and March.

One good thing Juan is getting done at the moment is clearing the areas under trees so it is easier to find your ball. Hopefully this should help speed up play.