Shaun Price has asked me to publish this information...

"As you will know by now Idris and Shirley are relocating from Almerimar back to Wales on August 10th and a ‘farewell drink with The Brownings’ is being held at Mario’s Bar on August 8th.
A number of people have suggested that we have a collection for a gift to show our love and respect for them.
As from Wednesday 1st August there will be various options to facilitate this if you so choose:
1.   By dropping off your donation in an envelope with your name on (or use one of the envelopes behind the bar) at Mario’s Bar in Almerimar. If you do this please also sign the greeting card which will also be behind the bar. This can be done up to and including the night of the farewell party as their family have suggested we buy something for their new home when they return to the UK.
2.   Hand your cash donation to either:

     John and Jacqui Woodhead
     Shaun and Dawn Price
     Mel and Rosemary Moody

All 3 have greeting cards especially designed for the Brownings, so please ensure you sign them with a personal message.
3:   For those of you outside Almerimar who wish to contribute, please transfer your donation online and provide your greeting online (Comment from John Woodhead - For reasons of privacy I have removed these details from Shaun's message. Please contact me if you want them and I will provide them to you privately)."

I have been asked to tell people about this.....

"As you may know by now, Idris and Shirley are leaving Almerimar to return home permanently on August 10th.  

A ‘farewell drink with the Brownings‘ has been organised for Wednesday August 8th from 6pm onwards at Mario’s Bar which will be followed by the usual Wednesday Karaoke Night in the bar.

So, if it’s calling in for a quick drink, or you fancy making a night of it, please feel free to join them. The earlier the better…. just in case they get tired and disappear home!

Everyone (who knows them!) is very welcome."

As you will have read a while ago we need to update the software that runs this site and the FGS site.

Some of the work on the updates would have been very difficult for me to do on my own. So I need to say a big thanks to Bryn J who moved back to the UK a while ago.

I asked Bryn if he could put me in touch with some people who could help with the updates and he has done so. We have not quite finished the preparation work for the site updates as Xmas has intervened. However the guy(s) that Bryn put me in touch with have got us close to being ready.

Hopefully we will do the site update for this site either late this year or early next year. Once we have proved that all is OK with this site I will move on to updating the FGS site.

Thanks Bryn, your help is much appreciated.

Thanks to Marianne for organising an event in the clubhouse yesterday after Friday golf to celebrate her birthday. All of the players in the FGS competition along with a good number of guests had a lovely time celebrating with drinks, tapas and paella. Happy birthday was sung to Marianne in 3 different languages and a quick thank you speech was made by Mr President.

It was not a perfect day as Marianne's team only managed to be in the top 25% of teams rather than winning. However they were well away from getting the chocolates.

Thanks Marianne from all your friends here in Almerimar.

The full results from the day will be published on the FGS website when Jacqui and I get a bit of free time.

At least I am if I count in hexadecimal.

Today is a sad day but it is also one where we remember the life of a perfect gentleman.

Mr President is organising the first ever Herbert Piest Memorial golf competition. Over 50 people will be taking part in a competition where we will honour the memory of a long term Almerimar resident and Founder Member of the FGS committee. We will then share some memories of a lovely man at a prize giving ceremony this evening.

John & Jacqui

Still just a young man. Hope the party went well last night.

Happy 6th birthday

Happy birthday to Mr Boule, AKA Alan Sheppard. Best wishes from all his friends here in Almerimar.

Vujadín Boskov

The article here on the Wiki Ejido site is about the recent death of Vujadín Boskov who used to coach Real Madrid.

In 1979 the first match between Real Madrid and Almería took place and the Real Madrid team stayed at the golf hotel in Almerimar. After that Vujadín Boskov bought a villa here called Villa Merengue.

So Hans Ooft is not the first football manager to have owned a place in Almerimar.

Read More for a Google translation of the article.

During all of the time Jacqui has been having treatment for her blocked tear duct the doctors at Poniente hospital have been great. There have been a variety of lady doctors but the one Jacqui has seen the most is a young lady doctor called Dr Alarcon. This doctor has always been friendly, informative, helpful and willing to have a chat.

Today we went back for Jacqui's latest check-up and removal of a stent. Dr Alarcon is still there at the moment but Jacqui saw a different doctor. From previous conversations we knew that Dr Alarcon might be moving to Edinburgh. Today it was confirmed that she will be moving and will not be around at the date of Jacqui's next check-up in a couple of months.

We wish her the best of luck in her new job in Edinburgh. She will be a loss for Poniente hospital but a big gain for people being treated by her in Edinburgh.

You can see a short note in memory of Herbert P, a founder member of the FGS committee, here on the FGS website.

He will be sadly missed by all his friends in Almerimar. Our thoughts are with Mimi and the rest of Herbert's family.

Happy birthday to Sune today x and thank you for the cava at Algarbe to celebrate your birthday.


If any of our readers happen to find Leigh´s lovely heart pendant, pictured below, which went missing last Saturday (22nd March), please get in touch with us.

This is a pic of the beautiful heart that I lost last Saturday! If anyone has picked it up or has heard of anyone who has found it PLEASE could you let me know. Many thanks x  Leigh

This is a pic of the beautiful heart that I lost last Saturday! If anyone has picked it up or has heard of anyone who has found it PLEASE could you let me know. Many thanks x

Jacqui 50th - 20 March 2014

Jacqui 50th - 20 March 2014

Jacqui 50th - 20 March 2014

Firstly, for those reading this on Jacqui's timeline on Facebook. The software we use to automatically publish stories onto Facebook from Almerimar Today is not clever enough to work out who the author of the stories is on Almerimar Today. So whoever is the author any Almerimar Today story always gets published on Jacqui's timeline on Facebook as well as my own.

Thanks to our "friends" who woke us up this morning at 9am having decorated the terrace outside the apartment block, the apartment block itself and a tree on Calle Alcor where we turn into our street. It was something of a surprise.

The cava, cake and birthday music was much appreciated by Jacqui and myself. I am not sure the music was appreciated by all of our neighbours though.

We have a lot more photos from this morning but they are all on Jacqui's phone so it will be a while longer until they are published. Although I notice that Lennart has published one or two he took on Facebook.

Congratulations to Maureen & Mimmo on becoming grandparents this morning.

Maureen sent us the following: Luca Alexander arrived this morning 6:02am. He weighs 7lb 1oz, mum and baby doing well.


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