I have only just read and published the story from Mel about Monday golf. So belated happy birthday to John Wi from Jacqui and myself.

Jacqui eye - 15 Feb 2014

This is a photo of Jacqui's eye taken at around 9:15 this morning. I can tell you it is even more bruised this afternoon. Before anyone asks, it was not me.

Jacqui had an operation on her tear duct yesterday lunchtime and was kept in the Poniente hospital overnight last night.

The good news is that the operation was a success and Jacqui is back home now. The bad news for Jacqui is that she is on antibiotics for 5-6 days and is not allowed any alcohol. In addition, she is not allowed to play golf until at least this coming Wednesday.

So if anyone hears a rumour that Jacqui's black eye is my fault please tell people that it is not correct.

Browning Classic 2013

Happy birthday to Idris. 83 years young today.

The photo above is from the prize giving in the D'Bar yesterday for the 2013 Browning Classic.

Well done to Jim Shaw for winning yesterday. Also, thanks to John & Olga for looking after us all so well.

PS The course was in pretty good nick yesterday. Also, it appears that there is some new sand in the bunkers. It seems to make it easier to play bunker shots. It is good to see improvements to the course happening. Another good thing is there has been a lot of tidying up work to the left of the 10th fairway in front of Bungalows de Golf.

Swedish flag

Happy birthday to Marianne. Hope you have a good day and the mist clears so you can play golf.

For providing contact details for Kurt and Cindy. We have passed them on to the person who requested them.

We have received a request for information about Kurt and Cindy from one of our readers.

If anyone knows the name and location of their place in Nerja please can you let us know and we will pass the information on to the person who is asking.


Swedish flag

Happy birthday to our new neighbour Lennart. Hope you have a good day.

The new targets at the beginning of the month are no more than 13 stone for me and 13 stone 7 pounds for Mr President on the first of each month.

I was 12 stone 13 pounds having put on a few pounds after yesterday at the bodega followed by the D'Bar in the evening. Mr President claims 13 stone 7 or 8 pounds but he forgot to weigh himself this morning. I will let him off this month.

According to the article here on the Japanese Football Association website our resident Almerimar football expert Hans Ooft has recently joined the Japan Football Hall of Fame.

Congratulations to Hans on this honour.

For everyone that knows Barry Castle, his wife Claire has kindly provided us with this update following his return to the UK for further medical care....
Barry is still in our local hospital in Barnet.  Physios are working with him Monday to Friday to actually get him out of bed and into a chair or wheelchair.   The plan is that when he is able to move around a bit and there is a bed available, he will be going to Edgware General Hospital to the Stroke Rehab unit there.  Apparently the average stay there is 4 - 6 weeks and there will be physios and occupational therapists there who will hopefully get him ready to come home.
He recognizes all his visitors which is great – some Almerimar locals have been in to see him and more are planning to visit whilst they are in the UK. It seems to perk him up to see everyone but he still has difficulty with what day it is and where he is etc.  Still we are taking it slowly and I hope the rehab unit will be able to get him mobile and less confused.
Many thanks to everyone for their good wishes.


We have heard that following Barry´s recent health problems, he is now progressing well and is now out of intensive care. All his friends in Almerimar wish him well x



21 again Joan

Happy birthday from all your friends in Almerimar.

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