Happy birthday to me and to Cecilia in Sweden x

Daisy flew in late last night and it seems he brought the rain with him, so we can´t blame Jules for this one, although it was raining when she arrived in Almerimar too!

Still, the forecast looks set to improve later, let´s hope it stays dry for the Friday Golf Society competition that starts early this afternoon.

Jules, the rain goddess, is due to arrive in Almerimar tomorrow. Right on cue there is an incredible 22mm of rain forecast for tomorrow according to The good news is that after that the weather is suuposed to improve with some sun and not as much wind forecast for a while. Thank goodness.

I think we have already had the wettest and windiest March since our first one here in 2005 and we are only about 1/3 into the month.

It looks like things are even worse further up the coast towards the Costa Del Sol. The article here on the Nerja News site has the title "Too much rain for the reservoirs".

We wish Kristina our very best wishes on her birthday today, from all your friends in Almerimar. x

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Lola Gómez Ferrón of Clisol

UPDATED - 29 JULY 2016 - links to extra videos added thanks to information from Gabriel in the tourist office.

The article here on the Ideal site says that Lola Gómez Ferrón of Clisol has been award a Medal of Andalucía. I assume this is for her services to the agriculture industry.

Here is a video from one of the trips to the greenhouses organised by the Friday Golf Society:




And an additional video about the history of the greenhouse agriculture in Almería (unfortunately in Spanish without subtitles, but highly worth watching for better understanding the place where we live):

And last but not least, as I know you're thirsty for knowledge, here you can see how the biological control of pests work, the speaker is from the north of Spain, but the system is the same used in Almería and in which we are world leaders.

Christina has been in touch with the following request....

I wonder if you could put a request on the website to see if there is anyone that has a walking frame that they could lend someone for a few weeks. There is an 80 year old English guy that has just come out of hospital and lives alone in the beach apartments. He is having great difficulty at the moment getting around his apartment. If there is a frame available it can be left with Spencer from Alamar as  he is a friend of his. Thanks for your help.

Happy birthday to Mary B. Have a great day from all your friends in a very windy Almerimar today.x

Birthday Greeting

Just received the following in an email from John and Roisin about the arrival of their new grandson.

John (Jack) Philip MacCarthy arrived 9.00pm Wednesday 23rd January. 7lb 15oz. Mum (Cath), and Jack both well.


Baby Boy Crawling Clip Art

We wish them many congratulations.

Movember 2012

The photo above is of the 6 FGS members who grew moustaches for Movember 2012 and also went on the away day to Desert Springs on 30 Movember 2012.

The FGS are planning to organise a spot the members Movember moustache competition. They are asking all members who grew moustaches for Movember but didn´t go to Desert Springs to email the society a photo by no later than Saturday 8 December 2012. So their photo of their moustache can be included in the competition.

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Happy birthday to Marianne. We hope you have a good day today. At least the rain has stopped now for you.

Here is a lovely photo sent to us from John and Cynthia of their granddaughter Gwen, who was born last month.


Jules arrived in town today and guess what. It was pouring down in El Ejido and drizzling in Almerimar on the day she arrived.

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