Virgen del Carmen Regata 2012

I was thinking this morning I wonder who won the Virgen del Carmen Regata this year. This made me have a look around on the internet and after looking on the Ideal site I found the website for the Club Náutico de Almerimar. According to the site the club was formed in 1987.

I have added a link to the site in our Links page.

On the site I found a link to the page here with the results. Well done to Logística for winning this year.

The site also mentioned that there was the first ever Virgen del Carmen fishing competition this year. I wonder what the results were.

Plus it has an advert for scuba diving courses organised by the club.

It also has a webcam looking out to sea that you can view as 3 second still images or video (they say the video doesn´t work in all browsers - it also appears to be a little intermittent as it worked a minute or two ago for me but is not working now). You can see the webcam here.

One other useful thing on the site for me is that it has wind speed and direction charts for Almerimar from Windguru and Windfinder. These show a 3 day forecast that is useful to golfers as well as yachtsmen and windsurfers.