Almerimar sailing

The article here on the Wiki Ejido site has details of a recent sailing competition in Almerimar.

Almerimar hosted the first round of the Provincial Championship Optimist and Lasser 4.7

Estefin week in the waters of the first provincial Almerimar Test 4.7 Optimist and Lasser season organized by the Club Nautico de Almerimar, attended by five clubs, Club de Mar in Almeria, Club Nautico de Roquetas de Mar was played, CN Adra C.N. Motril and C.N. Almerimar.

Six races were played three on Saturday and three on Sunday, with ideal wind conditions for this sport. On Saturday made an east wind no waves, suitable for all vessels and Sunday the wind rose pretty, which made the race was tougher, especially for children under ten years.

In class "Optimist" was the first ranked Jerome Martin Terres Lakes Club de Mar in Almeria. Second place went to Alberto Gutierrez Pera, NC Roquetas de Mar, and third placed Fernando Hernández Reche, again the Club de Mar in Almeria.

In class "Lasser", the first place went Guillermo Gutiérrez Pera, the runner Antonio Ramirez Fuentes, and third placed Sebastian Molina Quiles, all belonging to CN Roquetas de Mar.

In class "Optimist" under 10, first classified Alvaro Rodriguez of Roquetas de Adra CN, second placed Adolfo NC Almerimar and third placed Daniel Espejo, also the CN of Almerimar.