According to the article here on the town hall website Almerimar is to be included in a regatta called the Atlantic Gate Rally this year.

The article here on the Atlantic Gate Rally site has some details.

The article here on the town hall website has more details.

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Almerimar October become international headquarters of the prestigious sailing regatta sport 'Atlantic Gate Rally'

This is possible thanks to the negotiations held between the Mayor of El Ejido, Francisco Gongora, with the event organizers

El Ejido is a staging of this important competition which starts on October 25 in Ibiza and end on November 14 in Lanzarote

Gongora: "It will be an excellent platform for city tour that will value their geographical conditions, weather for sports and one of the most important marinas of Europe"
The coastal village of Almerimar become during the 27th and 28th October at the international headquarters of boating activity with the celebration of the prestigious regatta 'Atlantic Gate Rall'. This is a major sporting event will bring together more than 200 sailors from around the world divided into several divisions for amateur sailboats, classic, lonely and all kinds of IR system.

The competition, which will start on 25 October Ibiza and is scheduled to end on November 14 in Lanzarote, mobilize more than thirty vessels will call at the ejidense coast to its crew for a few days to enjoy the rich tourism offered by the town.

This stop in the town in the competition with the objectives of the government and the main axes of management driven by the mayor of El Ejido, Francisco Gongora, who set a priority to promote all the tourist activities of the town in the face of make tourism a new source of economic development of the municipality. Among these resources are nautical activities, culinary, heritage, cultural and sports activities. This, coupled with the traditional offering of 'sun and beach', is what makes the ejidense coast is emerging as a quality destination.

This led, three months ago, the local government to start negotiations with the organizer of the event, 'Strategic Sailing S.L.'. A sporting event that will "lift itself to El Ejido and in particular to Almerimar as shared hosting this sporting event with more than consolidated tourist destinations such as the cities of Ibiza, Sotogrande or Lanzarote," said the mayor ejidense .

From City of El Ejido, it's clear the benefits that this test will provide the municipality. Hence, from the beginning, we have "numerous contacts with the organizers to exhibit the characteristics of our coast for practicing sailing and love of the sport, to get Almerimar is, as it is, point scale of one of the most important races in the world "

The mayor was convinced that "the test will become an excellent platform to promote our coast, which has some exceptional climatic and geographical conditions for practicing water sports, and especially sailing. In addition to give more value to our marina, one of the largest in Europe, "remarked Councilman ejidense-

Thus, Góngora explains, "the hospitality industry and catering will also benefit, since a few days Almerimar receive both participants in the race as his companions and numerous fans to the world of sailing, which you can enjoy all the excellences in the locality to have one of the most diversified offerings on the national scene. "

The ejidense mayor has insisted that "the municipal intention with this type of action is to position the city as a destination worldwide using all the resources it has at the same time we get progress in one of the challenges we have set since the government team as seasonal holiday break. Only thus putting further increase the flow of visitors to our shores today choose your leisure. "

It is expected that the City and the organizer of the race sign the agreement in which the company agrees, officially, to disclose the name of Almerimar through various delivery platforms where the race will be advertised.

From the local government, he recalled that the city has excellent infrastructure and natural conditions to practice not only water sports like sailing, windsurfing, rowing and canoeing, but also the related to golf or sport adventure, coupled with our rich complementary offer, provides tourists and visitors the opportunity to experience unique experiences, which have already led to the emergence of a specialized meet all demands and customer loyalty business network.