The article here on the town hall website has details of the return of the Atlantic Gate sailing competition to ALmerimar this autumn.

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Tourism begins to shape the arrival of the second edition of the race Altantic Gate Rally Almerimar

Councilwoman, Luisa Barranco, held a working meeting with the organizers of this sporting event, Antonio Escribano and Manuel Salazar to know the details of this

A new feature this year is the advancement of the sports calendar of proof depart from Ibiza bound for Lanzarote on 16 October

Almerimar marinas and Sotogrande are two stages in this race confirmed international character

This sporting event usually attracts more than 200 sailors from around the world divided into several divisions for amateur sailboats, classic, lonely and all kinds of RI system

The municipality of El Ejido and more specifically the population center of Almerimar, will become the October international headquarters of nautical sports to include its marina as one of the stages of the race Atlantic Gate Rally, like last year, it will have sailors from around the world.

In order to outline the details of this test, and coordinate and plan the arrival of it to the town, the Councillor of Tourism of El Ejido, Luisa Barranco, held a working meeting with the organizers of this test, Antonio Escribano and Manuel Salazar. This occurs, after which already took place earlier this year in Madrid with the mayor, Francisco Gongora, coinciding with the celebration of the International Tourism Fair FITUR, where this test, too, was presented as a tourist event first category.

The claim of the Consistory with this second meeting has not been other than to "move forward on all these goals we have set for getting this race back for the second consecutive year, Almerimar and, gradually, let consolidating this port as a destination for all those fans and fans of water sports, and especially sailing, because we have significant resources and infrastructure for it. "

In fact, this is part of the action that the government team has made to "strengthen this coastal village and international nautical destination", says Barranco who says that "we now return 'to work' with more objective, if possible, one of them spread the municipality, through this race, as a destination for health tourism ". For this purpose, "the quality of the vegetables of our land and sport in El Ejido and all with the involvement of the press will value." It will, therefore, "a firm commitment to gastronomy and tourism as axes really energizing."

The event, which will be taking shape in the following meetings, aims to "have a widespread internationally and place the ejidense municipality as a nautical destination of reference, since all the conditions for it are given in it, from the weather, to basic services". And all this, moreover, "the advantage of these is not only to practice water sports such as sailing, windsurfing, rowing and canoeing, but also with all those related to golf or adventure sports. This, coupled with our rich complementary offer, provides tourists and visitors the opportunity to experience unique experiences, which have already led to the emergence of a specialized meet all demands and customer loyalty business community, "says the mayor.

Moreover, according to Barranco, "and promoting Almerimar El Ejido is already having an impact in nautical fairs and specialized media and, especially, in some countries in Northern Europe such as Sweden, Norway and Germany, among others. And, although we know that much remains to be done, I am convinced that this second edition of the race will allow us to make a qualitative and quantitative leap ".

Finally, during the meeting have been able to meet new and different approaches to the new edition of the race for this 2016. Among them the advancement of the sports calendar of this test, it being provided depart from Ibiza on 16 October. This, says the mayor, "will allow sailors to enjoy a smoother crossing for 1,000 miles you will walk through the Mediterranean and the Atlantic climate." Similarly, it is already known that "the output is from the island of Ibiza to Lanzarote and this test will, in time, with different stages among which is already confirmed Almerimar and Sotogrande".