A few weeks ago a friend told us about a great lunch he had in El Ejido.

Apparently if you buy stuff (e.g. meat, fish, vegetables) at the indoor market in El Ejido they will prepare lunch for you in the bar there.

If I remember what Shaun said correctly the bar is upstairs above where the market stalls are. He also said that his group pre-booked a table in the bar. They also took the bus up to El Ejido and back afterwards so nobody had to be the designated driver.

You just give what you have bought in the market over to the people behind the bar. They will grill the stuff for you and serve it to you. I think they also made up salads but would not do anything with lettuce if I remember rightly what Shaun said.

As yet we have not tried this out. However I think it is something we may be trying out pretty soon.