The article here on the Ideal site has details of a recent visit to the La Almunya del Sur botanical gardens by a group of children.

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More than 150 children want to take the model garden 'La Almunya South' to his school

The children could cross the 2,500 meters this green lung, meet flowers and plants, and enjoy a fun workshop with the Association of Tree Lollipops

Literally open-mouthed over 150 children CEIP Las Lomas de Roquetas de Mar this week remained, after becoming little explorers to discover, more than 2,500 meters vegetation and fauna almost hidden as a private paradise between hectare greenhouse in El ejido. And is that school, between 4 and 5 years old, they went into the botanical garden 'La Almunya South' with the aim of taking ideas to implement a similar model in their own school.

In fact, as explained IDEAL Manuel Sanchez, one of the promoters of 'The Almunya South', the visit left from a previous activity from this school took place around the children's book 'The Ladybug Juanita', which resulted in a barrage of ideas between children and their teachers agreed to "make a garden with many plants and recycled materials, to teach and to teach children the care of the environment and the environment".

Later, "and after discovering the existence of our garden," added Sanchez, one of the teachers of roquetero school got in touch with him "to organize the visit where you can see a mature garden, diverse vegetation and wildlife, respectful the environment and of course, well maintained. "

Also with wildlife

As tells the head of the botanical garden, during the tour, which was conducted in two groups divided into two visits on different days, children were able to test all your senses, observe a large collection of plants, colors, flavors, flavors and come into direct contact with plants, and wildlife. "They have been able to visualize insects, birds, butterflies, lizards, frogs, a" very close to them thanks to the teachers and story characters seen in school ", says Sanchez.

The visit was carried out by two parties, and the first school made several stops to attend to the explanations of the monitors. Many of them stands responsible for the garden, "among such vegetation density, they felt like a magical garden, a jungle; something similar to the stories they see and study at school or at home. It has been very special to see the faces of surprise and curiosity to many stimuli. "

After this first part, small continued with an educational workshop hand Tree Association of Lollipops. The president of this group, Palmero Moses, gave them to know different spices that were in the garden, and can usually be found easily at home, with the aim of acquainting them with their existence. Thus, the children prepared themselves some smelling salts colorful and fun with games and songs. a freshly picked tangerines and some plants so that they can begin their school garden.

To end such a nice visit, every little could take home some freshly picked tangerines and some plants to start creating your own garden at school. "We asked questions about fruits, plants, birds, insects. They were saying what plants could touch and smell, and many were struck by the colorful flowers ", explains the head of this space. Such was this first experience with childhood visits to 'The Almunya', which its promoters and encourage other schools to organize their visits.