I was chatting to some friends yesterday and I mentioned the Alpujarras (foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains). This area has some magnificent scenery and is a great area to visit. There are two parts to it - the part in the province of Granada and the part in the province of Almería.

I said I would pass on some information to them about the area. This morning I thought I might as well do it in the form of an article here.

Here is an article about a long weekend trip we did to the area a few years ago.

We went back to play the golf course again later and it was not as good the second time. It was not in great condition. However the rest of the information is still useful I guess.

If you want a day trip rather than a longer stay then the end of the article might be useful. You could perhaps go to Pampaneira and/or Trevelez.

Another alternative day trip is the following route:

Almerimar to Laujar de Andarax - there is a small bodega and a small tourist centre when you enter the town. Just north of the town there is a walking and bbq area with a small waterfall. This is called Nacimiento Del Rio Andarax.

If you wish you can stay down in the valley area closer to Laujar and visit various villages and bodegas in the area.

Alternatively, if you do not mind heights, you could go up the mountain. To do this you go from Laujar to Bayácal. Then up the mountain to Puerto de la Ragua. This is a high mountain pass with narrow roads. It is an area where people go cross country skiing in the winter.

Once you are over the top of the pass at Puerto de la Ragua the road goes down past some towns/villages on the way to a motorway. The motorway is the inland route to Almería from Guadix. You can take the motorway back to Almería then come home to Almerimar via the motorway from Almería to El Ejido.

Another good day out is market day in the town of Ugijar. This takes place on the 5th and 20th of each month (or at least is used to). The town has a nice, simple restaurant that serves a filling menu del día lunch. The restaurant is called Pepe Aguado and it can be found behind the church in the town. If you do go on market day or Sunday the price of the lunch is a little more than other days. Also, it might be worth calling in and booking a table as it can get busy on market days or Sundays.

There are lots of other places to visit in the Alpujarras. So have a poke around on Google maps and plan your own day trips or short breaks away from Almerimar.