The article here on the Ideal site has details of an increase in visitors to local tourist offices last year.

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The Municipal Tourist Office of El Ejido increases the number of visitors in 2019

More than 8,800 people approached these municipal facilities to request information, which represents an increase of 16%

The municipality closed 2019 registering a historical increase in the number of users who passed through the Municipal Tourist Office.

Thus, there were more than 8,800 people who approached these municipal facilities to request information, which is 16% more compared to 2018. An upward trend that has been occurring in recent years, since these units moved to the core of Almerimar from the COPO Shopping Center.

In this line, the occupancy data during the last Christmas period already show that increase of overnight stays in the municipality, with 90% occupancy in the two hotels that Almerimar has, 20% more than in the last three years, while that the Camping registered 100% again, among others.

These figures referred to the mayor of Tourism, Luisa Barranco, who described them as "very satisfactory", while stressing that "they respond, in part, to the seasonally adjusted sector and a loyalty of the tourist that repeats due to the innumerable advantages offered by the municipality from the playful, cultural, gastronomic or sporting point of view, among many others ».

In the same way, Barranco specified that “proof of this has been that after the great rise in tourists experienced during the summer months, the upward trend has continued in the last quarter of the year; producing, therefore, the best data of the last three years ».

This fact highlights, according to the mayor, that "the tourist no longer visits us only during the summer period, but also opts for other festive dates, bridges and even on weekends."

Regarding this issue, the popular councilor said that "there is, in the same way, a high percentage of repeat visitors and that is related to golf, senior tourism or water sports."

In this sense, tourism that reaches the municipality is mostly from the Autonomous Community with 20%, followed by Madrid with 13%.

As for foreigners, once again, the main group is represented by the United Kingdom, which accounts for 34% of the total, followed by France and Sweden, both with 11%. Belgium and Germany each contribute 9%, which represents an increase of 20% of Belgians and 25% of Germans compared to 2018.

Exhibition space

On the other hand, throughout the year the Tourist Office also hosted several environmental exhibitions, meetings and workshops, with the aim of promoting the improvement and conservation of coastal areas, all coordinated jointly with the Ministry of Environment, Natura 2000 and Life + Conhabit Andalucía, in addition to hosting, among others, the workshop-workshop 'Online Opinion Management' of AndalucíaLab.